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    Mind is like a parachute it works best when open.

    Quote by Lord Dewar "Mind is like a parachute it works best when open".
    This quote is not only true but very practical too. A mind can only work to its full potential when it is allowed to work without hindrance and limitations.

    Our education system has always focussed on rote learning for children and which in turns limits the functioning of brain of child. Every child have their own strengths and limitations but they are expected to achieve the highest marks in each subject no matter what. This results in shrinkage of brain working capacity of child. He/she may get good marks but will eventually end up confused of their own true potential.

    Even Albert Einstein flunked in Botany and Zoology but excelled in Maths. Similarly, each child have their own subject likings and are good at few subjects but poor at others.

    Hoping that the current changes in National Education Policy, 2020 has taken the same into consideration and will help in cultivating the inner genius of child instead of just rote learning and high scoring.
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    True. When the brain is open, it will work with its full potential. That is why people say when there is a problem one should think radically without any limitations. If you have no interest in a subject, your mind will never work at its full capacity when you do work on that subject.
    Many times we say that the interest of the student is more important than the interest of the parents. If the child is not ready to read a particular subject, the parents should not force him to do that subject. I used to think that my son should be a doctor. But when I asked him he said that he is having no interest in the subjects concerned. So he joined in MPC of intermediate and became an Engineer and he is doing very well now.
    As mentioned by the author the flexibility in choosing the subjects is supposed to be more in the new education system and that may help the students in choosing the combination they want.

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    Keeping mind open does not mean that which subject one would wish to study. That's one part and students must be given a choice according to their liking, but education on any subject should be based upon various group discussions, seminars and cross questioning sessions.

    Just reading a book, discussing the theory and answering an examination on the fixed theory is of no use. Students study only to get marks, but do they agree with the theory or not is never judged through open space for discussion. Debates and talks can truly open the young minds. They will be more inquisitive, and that's what is required. More and more aspects will come up and human thought process will become rich.


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    For the mind to work, one has to apply it and to apply the mind it has to be open. Actually, opening up the mind means thinking on a subject. We think about those subjects/issues in which we have an interest. We do not think about issues in which we have no interest unless we are forced somehow to think of them. Education is not only about scoring marks or sitting for an examination but also about realizing the subject. To realize a subject one has to understand it fully along with its applicability and that's what is lacking in many cases. The focus is only on scoring marks and for that many students prefer suggestive learning rather than referring to textbooks. The purpose of education has to be understood by the students at a young age which unfortunately they do not realize. From childhood, they are told that they need to score high marks and get a good job and that's all what the students understand about education.

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    How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

    You can start your day by hitting the snooze button, dragging yourself out of bed at the last minute, rushing to get ready, and then running out the door with a doughnut in one hand and your briefcase in the other. Or, you can start your day with good morning habits. Like after early woke up before sunrise . And walking for about 20-30 minutes will change your life.

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    An unbiased and unprejudiced mind with correct thinking is an asset. If it is so, it would work in the best possible manner. When we have some predetermined notion about a thing then our mind would err in its judgement and we would not be able to take a correct line of thinking or decision. That is why it is said that an open mind would do the things correctly and properly. Wise and prudent people generally work with open mind and use their wisdom and experience in deciding the most complex things in their lives. That is why they are different lot than that of the ordinary people.
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    This is an interesting thread. Open mind is very much necessary as without that we cannot take any proper decision in our lives. Open mind means to understand the pros and cons of a matter and then take an appropriate acton on it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The more open mind is, the person will have more sense. The less prudent is dimmer. The person whose mind is compressed will say that 'I understand but that man does not understand anything.' Open-minded people accept the truth and they move with both the negative and positive, they understand both of them and stay positive so that the negative does not come. And being in narrow mind means negative. There does not come again positive. Human beings are less open minded. No matter how you talk about any religion, it does not have any effect inside, then it is reversed due to being suspicious, called open mind. If the mind is suspicious, it is necessary to cleanse it.
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    To make the mind work at it's best we have to give lot of warm-up exercises to our left and right brain together. Warm up activities given to children for better hand to eye coordination can be practised by all ages of people. This exercise is good for our brain, so that it can think, rejoice and work better.
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