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    Do self-help books work?

    The motivation industry circulating the top-notch audios and videos who often pump us up with all excitement and on the next day, we lose it all. Then again the cycle continues and we tend to fall in the same trap where we just stay and paralyzed with so-called positive thoughts. The self-help books fall under the same domain wherein the name of miraculous change in life motto lulls reader for a very long time until the addiction consumes it all. Before you judge me I want to tell you that I am a voracious reader and a big fan of self-help books but the reality seems much more different than we desire.
    A lot of new publishers are getting into the market with their best selling copies numbering to million and many of them serve us the same buffet with different packaging. Many of these writers would use some out of context, far from science words like cosmos, inner power, spirituality, and many more. They can even make you consume rice by saying you need to eat rice because it is bestowed with some great powers and would connect it with Krishna eating one rice grain from the hands of Draupadi and would get nourished by it.
    Yes, self-help books do help but you have to nurture the reasoning to question the philosophy and even when you are getting the most scientific one, the one thing you have to do is to act.
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    Yes, it works and the last paragraph of this thread describes when it works. Reading is one aspect and following the process given in the book is another one. Many of us love to read and go on reading things without applying it in reality. I don't think one has to be a believer of some kind of inner power or some form of spirituality to get motivated. No need to be a believer. Better to experience things by exploring. This exploration is required in every aspect whether you are a scientist or a philosopher. People explored things and that's why they got explanations. Things do not happen automatically. You need to act and follow the process to get the outcome. Motivation is required when somebody is not willing to work to progress. That is either when they are lazy or when somehow they lost hope to progress further. Those books help to make us realize by practising certain things. One has to follow certain things to get some results. If it seems unrealistic, then one needs to look for other books that deal with the issue in more practical ways.

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    This is a very interesting topic and the author has penned the reality of our lives very nicely. These books are not a new things. In our scriptures and to that matter in many other cultures also these things were mentioned in various forms and the essence of all of them was to guide and direct the people towards good things that keep our lives in balanced and calm stage. At the same time our greed for worldly desires and lust would be inside us always forcing and distracting us from those paths prescribed in those great scriptures of ancient times which are again being packaged by the present day motivational authors in a new packaging. So the inner content is same that my father or my grandfather insisted me to follow and unfortunately as writer has already enumerated many of us failed to follow that path of enlightenment. So it is not the fault of the holy books or today's help books that we could not do it. Fault lies within us and we have to improve to follow and take advantage of those great teachings.
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    What I feel that the self help books may a thought process emanating from the minds of the author and it may not be the standard set rules which can be followed by others. Take everything in life, your likes may be my dislike. If a author pens down a good self book, because he felt the need for that. But he cannot expect others to just follow what is written in those books. I may contradict what was written and you make like very much what the author shared. One thing is sure, in this educated world. nothing can be forced or up selling can take place. We have our own thought process through which we can decide which books to read and which books to be followed. But one thing such self help books can be read for the information part of it or new information thus shared and nothing can be followed as written.
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    According to me, books are the best friend of any person's life whenever they feel lonely and if you like to read books then there will be no other option than this. The type of books you will like depends on you. Whenever we read a book, it has a profound effect on our thinking, for some time, we feel very fat with self-help book reading and it gets very motivated but some people who cannot change themselves much Do not easily take advantage of these books. But if we wish, we can take advantage of this book in our life in a very big and positive way.
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    There will be many writings one the walls. We will be reading them and forget them. What is the use? Read to understand and understand to practise should be the philosophy.
    When we enter into a manufacturing area of a chemical industry we will see many boards with good slogans on it. It is safe and that is not safe. What to do and what not to do will be mentioned in those writings. They will be kept for the benefit of the people visiting there. If we read and just ignore them we are putting ourselves in a dangerous condition.
    Same is the case with Self-help books or epics in our language. They will tell us many things. Just try to explore the inner meaning and idea in those writings. Then only we can get benefitted out of it. Many people read an epic and start discussing whether the mentioned issue has really happened or not. But we should understand the importance of the points mentioned in it.

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