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    We cannot dismiss something because we do not like it!

    We may like something or dislike other things and we may have a certain way of thinking and we also may have some beliefs and faiths in some matters and all that makes up our characteristics and nature and finally we have a way of perceiving things. So far so good but the problem comes when we start viewing everything from our perspective and interest rather than assessing that from logical and rationality point of view. We simply dismiss things that we do not like. For example if I am habitual of going to bed early I would not like late night parties and dismiss them in an obvious way. Similarly a lazy person would say that when there is no reward of doing a thing why he should do it. Most of us want that world should run in our way otherwise we would not participate in any activity. We would simply dismiss it. Is it correct to do so? Do things happen as per our liking and thinking? Please give your views on this matter.
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    Our acceptance and dismiss of the things purely bases on our perceptions and having known about the repercussions of the same. The main problem with every one of us is to have the rules to our terms and the world should follow us, but we seldom realize that there are superiors and more experienced than us and therefore we are expecting too much from everyone. If we do not like a person or thing, we start to abuse or tell about bad reviews about the same. But it is the fact that we are ignoring the realities and thus live on our fool world. In this regard the faith and belief takes the front seat as many wants to believe what their elders done without posing question . If things happen as per our liking and wants, then why should the God exist and the past experiences given importance. It all depends on how we take the things to our strides.
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    Agree with the author, every thought is a thinking that consists of many factors, which includes our experience, values, values ??of family, etc. Therefore, it is very difficult to equate the thinking of any 2 or more people, but if our thinking does not meet any person Then we start feeling wrong which is not true. The choice is everyone's own, nor should we impose our choice on anyone else, nor should we call anyone's thinking wrong. The power of thinking has given one thing to everyone, so for everyone to take advantage of it, what is wrong in our thinking, it must be wrong, it is never necessary. It is good to share your thoughts with others, but it is not appropriate to deny what you dislike.
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    I think we are too much prejudiced in our minds for various matters and in that situation we are not able to accept what others are telling. I would say that probably we do not have enough tolerance to accept it. In that situation we either ignore it or reject it.
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    A very true fact! We can say it like, either everyone is correct or no one correct. Means everyone is correct from his or her own point of view and no one is not correct from anyone else point of view. But it is important to give space to other's thoughts rather than sticking always to our own way of thinking.

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