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    Birthdays can be different and need not be routine

    Normally we tend to celebrate the birthdays with family and selected friends by throwing huge party during the evening and feel more happy to share the bindings with others and enjoy the late evening. But there are people who celebrate birthdays by sharing food for the poor, offering grass to the cattle, feeding the street dogs and offering poor feeding in the temple. Nothing can given more satisfaction when we reach out to little children and give them the gifts of their choice and the happiness on their face would be million dollar satisfaction.
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    This is really a good thought by the author. I also feel same way that sometimes instead of celebrating ourselves we should take care of the poor and destitute in our society. It would give us more happiness and satisfaction of doing something good.
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    I agree with you In me and my family, we do the same thing on every member's birthday, in old age home, orphanage etc. we do it every time in different ways like sometimes taking food from home and visiting the old age home and serve them food , apart from this, when we go to the orphanage , then buy the gifts for the children, after giving them the happiness of the small children, they really get such a pleasant experience which is not easily found. Humans should keep doing this kind of work because by doing this we are helping others, but more than that, we are helping ourselves because it is very difficult to find such peace in today's life which we get after this kind of charity or by helping people.
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    Birthday can be celebrated in different way to derive maximum pleasure. Normally we celebrate the birth day of our family members in house with either a home made cake or order it from a reputed hotel. We just invite a couple of friends to celebrate the birth day and their presence on that occasion definitely provides us immense pleasure.
    However, the birth day can be celebrated in the different forms as well by visiting the orphan home. Let the sweets be distributed among these children. This will create tremendous satisfaction among themselves. Our little expenditure on that occasion is surely to give us a different type of joy which cannot be derived celebrating the same at home.

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    We can celebrate our birthday in different ways. Many people go for cake cutting and a party to friends and relatives nearby. Gifts and return gifts. All depends on the individual's financial strength and interest. Some celebrate it by offering special prayers to God and visiting some Temple and offering food to the poor near the temple.
    On my birthday, my sister phoned up and asked me to supply food to a minimum of ten beggers who are begging near the temple in our area. This happened in January this year. I got ten meals packets from the nearby hotel and distributed accordingly.
    Some may not have any special celebrations and they spend like the wat they spend any other normal day. But children will have special thrill on their birthday as they distribute chocolates to the other children in their class and the children in their area.

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