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    Behind a every successful govt there lies a strong voter support

    We have seen that some state governments and even at the central government has exceeded the normal five year terms and even continued for next term. It is proved that those who work for the people and take care of their urges are being elected again and again and those leaders who shun the promises are shown the door of the exit. Voters would be the great watchers and ultimate deciders of the fate of the govt. Those who could not connect with the voters are lost for ever and that is the reason being so Congress party is suffering.
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    Very true. In democratic set up what matters for a party is voter's support and without it the party cannot even dream of coming to the power. So, it is imperative that whoever wants to come in power should first serve the people and convince them that they are the best alternatives for the country.
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    Agree with the author, people should more aware while voting. Our constitution give us this right of vote and we should know the importance of it . Earlier women did not get this right but after some movements voting power gave to women by the law. When we vote someone we need to know that the person we are choosing would be our representative. In India many people do not think about the leader but they think only about the party which belongs by the leaders.
    Swati Sharma

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    In order to run the government, leaders of such parties should have wide reputation and popularity among the public circles. These leaders should have the acess with the local public and the leaders should be responsive to public grievances. If the leaders are serious enough to hear their complaints, half part is covered. If their complaints are addressed, the public will be highly obliged for their sincere involvement.
    Trust never dies and the leaders taking the confidence of the public are sure to win elections in their own areas with a comfortable majority.

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    Without a majority vote, one can't come to power. So votes are required for the leaders to be in power. That is true always. If there is no support from the people, politicians can't go to power. Indian voters are very wise. They always select a person who is the best among the contesting persons. If the people are not happy with their leader, next time they will not cast their vote to that person. If they like him, even though he changes the party also, they will give him the vote. So the politicians should see that the voters are happy with him These days politicians know many tricks and they know how to win in the elections.
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