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    Everything in this world are not acts of God

    Acting contrary to the best advice provided by the world-class economists, the Modi Government, and its not-so-good Finance Minister, have made one blunder after another. Giving money in the hands of people was advocated by these experts in the pre-Covid and post-Covid situations.

    Today, the same Government is warning of a contraction in the economy, due to "an act of God". The same God does not allow human beings to do blunders after blunders, burn public money by giving it to the worst economic offenders and then squeezing the middle-class. Even as the Covid menace continues unabated, the Government is not even releasing the GST dues to the State Governments. And the Government is guilty of spending crores on advertising its so-called records of achievement.

    At least now, let this Government wake up and do something. Let it give cash in the hands of the poor and those who have lost their jobs, This will kickstart the economy. Let God give them the wisdom and the will to do so.
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    I do agree that the author is furious over the FM observation that the Pandemic situation is the God curse and we have to go through and now the center has incurred a loss of three lakh crores since six months as the GST collection was not favorable and states are demanding their share. It is obvious that developing country like India has to suffer if the economy kept closed during the lock down. The government thought that the pandemic would reduce if the people are stay put at the home. But the decision seems to have hit hard the economic process and we are yet to come to normal terms. The economy has been given impetus with infusing funds and now the FM is thinking of levying cess on certain goods and services to get back the lost money during Covid 19 and the people are going to be battered with series of taxes too.
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    Blaming the government for all the happenings is the order of the day. Imposing lockdown is a mistake some people say. Some people they have imposed it late. Some say they might have extended further. In a democratic state, we have the freedom to air our views the way we wanted. So we hear many opinions. COVID is an unexpected development and our government managed the situation well. This is not my word. Many people and many countries are saying this. Why the financial problem has come? We all know. What is the use of blaming the government for this? If the government has not imposed those restrictions our country might have been in a very different situation.
    Let us hope that everything will be alright once the problem gets sorted out. India is having many chances to develop and the present government is much better than many other previous governments and they are doing their best possible.

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    Govt should create job opportunities for the unemployed in remote places so that they do not run to cities for it. Agriculture and agricultural product derived economy is one solution to the problem. Just giving money to people without getting work from them would be a grave blunder. This pandemic has affected the economy of many countries and India is not the alone suffering in this time of adversity. Blaming Govt would not help. This is the time to give support and cooperation to them otherwise they would get confused in doing their good work for the citizens.
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    Whatever be the reasons the ruling party gets all the blames in various matters in the country. Whenever Govt achieves something it has to show it through its media channels so that people should know the good work it is doing. Every Govt does that and the present one is no exception. In times of pandemic whatever you do the criticism would come as no one knows clearly as what to do. People think that Govt should give them food on a platter and also some pocket money. It is impractical and no Govt should do that. The sign of a good Govt is only good governance and nothing else. To that extent the present Govt has dome much and is trying to do more and that would be evident in the coming times. We have a habit of behaving in an anti establishment way and the benefit many times goes to opposite parties which rule the country sometimes in worse ways. I strongly believe that no Govt can be perfect in a democracy so much complicated as that of India and we have to accept that worse is better than worst.
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