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    Only few express their opinion here

    I have been watching this forum for a long time and have seen a trend that there are very few members who express their opinion on forum discussions, usually the senior members are regular in expressing theirn views. I assume the following reasond for the same:

    1. Members have less time to spend on discussions.
    2. New members are shy and fear being judged.
    3. Members prefer spending time on more rewading section on the rather than on forum.
    4. The opporunity cost of discussion and other work causes the members to choose the best option for themselves.

    Those members who feel that there are more reasons than enumerated above may add to this.
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    You are correct. A very few members will only spend some time here. Many people are concentrating on other sections. That is why many threads will have very few postings. Discussions will not happen. But many people will participate in contests but not in regular discussions. I feel the main reason is lack of time. Whatever time they have, they may be using on other sections. New members need not feel shy to come out with their opinions. It will be useful for them to learn and also to improve their knowledge.
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    My appreciation to the author for raking up this issue. While many members here are not for earning purpose but being present for the cause of learning something, the new members and some other members are really interested to make money and they do not devote much time in the forums or discussions. What I have been telling since many years that when we are the member here, we must show the presence either by raising a thread, contributing in ask experts, or responding to forum, or giving a ask expert answer, or raise a article or give response to articles. Some members are solely dedicated to the job posting which get much money to them. And when the contest is announced and if the topic is easy, we find more lots of participation and even giving good challenge to the regular members. But regular members are the pillars of this site.
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    Well, yes many members do not participate in the forum and discussions. We really must have a more active and participating community. Since learning and participation is the real goal of ISC. Earning must be based more on the individual contribution of the participating member. If you're asking my opinion on the issue I might as well say we're in some sense contributing to the democratic institution of our country by actively participating on this platform.

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    There are a lot of sections on ISC and members remain busy on the section they like most. The author has pointed out many reasons for less participation in forum discussions and I would like to point out one interesting thing here, though it's a little bit technical. It may depend on the way you log in to ISC. If you bookmark a particular section and every time while logging in, use the favourite/bookmark option to login you will land on to that particular bookmarked page. If it is other than the Forum section then you won't be able to notice the interesting threads posted in the section. So, you may not find it interesting to click on the Forum section to view the threads there. If the Forum section is bookmarked, then you will land on to that section only and all the threads on the first page will be visible to you which in turn will let you spend some time on this section. That's my view on this issue. Other than this, the interest of the member is very important.

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    This is a good observation by the author. There are many sections in ISC which require different types of expertise but forum is one which is of general nature and everyone would get some posts where one could add or respond from one's side. I don't say that it is easier to respond in forum section but what I want to highlight is that it is the easiest and most convenient of all as a lot of options and choices are here as compared to other sections where one has to be specific to the primary need of the section.
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    If the ISC announce regular cash credits and also gives the awards often in this forum section, surely members would love to contribute here than expected.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very valid observation @K Mohan Sir, but this will lead to too many responses which may even not be related to the topic and each forum responses will also have to be very strictly moderated.
    I think resources are always limited, even here. Regarding the sister sites of ISC, I do not see many members contributing there too, although those sites have great potential.

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