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    Derive happiness on seeing a smile in others face

    We need not be a big helping hand or philanthropist to bring happiness and plan for well being among the needy. We can derive happiness from small things. No one wants money support, or material support, they want few good words, listen to what they are seeing and give credence to their presence amidst others. I have seen some elders get lots of satisfaction when we inquire about their health and well being. Probably no one would have asked them and they feel elated at our behavior and wish us from their deep heart.
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    When we see a known person just if we smile at him and say hallow, he will feel happy and reciprocate the same. If we ask him how are you, he will feel further happy. But some people wait for the other person to wish him. They feel the person should wish him as he deserves it. That is not a correct habit He might not have noticed you. When you notice him why can't you wish him first. What are you losing just smiling and saying hai to him?
    I noticed especially old persons will be very happy if somebody enquires them about their well being. We will notice that happiness on their face. It is a good practice to say Namaste when we see a elder person for the first time on a day. That will make the other person happy and the blessings he showers on us will have a really good effect on us. We should teach these good manners to our kids from their childhood so that they will get habituated to these good habits.

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    Sometimes the happiness or satisfaction that we do not get in the biggest thing, we get to help someone small. If someone is happy to roam, then by painting someone, someone is happy to sing and then someone feels happy after talking to someone. When you start finding happiness in the happiness of others, then you will know the secret hidden within happiness. Remember that happiness is not always in wanting, praising or doing something. Find happiness in small things of life and assume that you are happy. When we give small happiness to others, then we do it indirectly for ourselves. One can get happiness by doing his favorite work. If you are going to do what you want, then you get real happiness.
    Swati Sharma

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