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    Does good earning ability makes a person to be spend thrift

    I have seen in many young boys who has started good earning at the early age from the campus recruitment jobs and they tend to spend more on parties and extravagant not caring to save for the future and exigencies. This brings the question that those who have the ability and capacity to earn more, they tend to spend more not caring for the future requirements. What is your opinion on this subject as the earnings may be different when the situations comes worse and it may even reduced half as we have seen during Covid lock down.
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    The young boys who are just entering into their career will be spending a little freely as they have no responsibility and they have not experienced the difficulties in their lives till such time.
    When an unmarried boy who stays alone gets Rs.40,000/- or Rs.50.000/- and there are no dependents on him, he feels he has good money and he will not hesitate to spend. But some guys who came up from difficult situations will understand the need for money and they will try to save something from their earnings. All depends on the financial position of his family and the environment in which he was brought up.
    As a young boy when I started earning, I used to spend as required only and I used to send the remaining money to my father to support my family. That was a requirement those days as ours was a big family and my father was the only earning member. But now my sons earn a good amount and they try to be happy and never hesitate to spend a little more than required also as I will support them and they need not support me. The habit of spending will come from your family, I feel.

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    Well, this depends on the economic conditions and the financial literacy the youth has bern taught from a young age. If a youth were to come from a poor background he/she once earning a few Ks will feel overjoyed, as for them it would be a blessing. They would try to save the money instead of spending it. On the other hand another youth from a not so poor background but very low literacy earns a few bucks he/she will spend that money on that very same day in the nearest coffee shop. It all depends on the upbringing and the mindset.

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    Not necessarily, it depends on other things too. The main thing here is the joy of being materialistic. If someone is materialistic, then the more they earn the more they spend on materials. They crave for even more to fulfil their desire for materials. They hardly care whether they have some responsibilities to take or not. I am trying to look it from a different perspective. Nowadays, children are taught to score good marks, getting admitted to good institutes and earn a fat pay package. That's how their life revolves. Somehow they begin to realize that since they are doing all these things from childhood to earn a lot of money they need crave only for money and spend as much as they can to fulfil their wishes. Maybe this situation is making them spend money in an irresponsible way.

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    Generally it is seen that when more money comes in, it is the tendency of the people to spend more and more. It also depends in which environment a person had grown up that is the upbringing part. In some cases when a person is from a humble background and understands the value of money he might not spend so much. So, there are various factors which decide it. Having money but not to spend it unnecessarily is a big art and only a few experienced people are master in that area and society generally term them as miser. They might not be miser actually as they are the prudent ones.
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    In general, kids who come from a settled background tend to do so. Once they start earning, they start to spend on luxuries. Even they take up loan from banks to but expensive items or go on vacation. "Spend now pay later" marketing by credit card companies slowly turn outs to be a debt trap .

    Although, young boys who come from humble background and have seen lack of resources tend to be more mature with their finances.

    Those who have not seen hardships if life tend to be more extravagant and vice versa.
    Infact the marketing trends compel you to spend money on luxuries rather than on necessity and savings.
    It all comes down to an individual and most of them fall for the easy way i.e. spend without thinking. Here guidance of elders is very necessary.

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    Many times it happens that the youth does not understand their responsibilities properly and keeps on spending just for the sake of appearance, but on the other hand there are people who cater to the needs of their families as well as their families, it actually depending on their thinking, keeping in mind the importance of wealth to all, today every human being should earn money by following the right path and make good use of it. We do not know what disaster will befall us, due to which we need money. Therefore, we must save some money for that time and do not waste it in vain. Human beings who make good use of wealth lead a happy life. They do not have to suffer the pain of wealth. Only a man who earns money properly and uses it properly can contribute to the progress of the country. Therefore, we should understand its importance and use it properly.
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    It entirely depends on their family's financial condition and their own tendency of thinking about life. Generally, young boys and girls are not serious about saving money rather they like to enjoy their lives, so they spend their money. But if they have responsibilities about their own study or they don't have financial support from their families they don't waste their money.

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    Such habits are inculcated in kids at a young age. What they observe in their parents, in most of the cases, they follow them. But then there are exceptions also. The economic condition of any family also plays an important role in the same. A person from an economically poor background can also become extravagant because he wants to do all that he could not do earlier. So there is no thumb rule for the same.

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    All young boys have no similar habits. It depends on financial conditions as well as groups because I have seen that many people expense more than earning
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    When a person starts earning, he is humble to fulfil his necessities but as the days move on and the money in the pocket increases, he tends to slowly shift his thoughts from the necessity to wants. This is the reason why he starts spending more for the wants which he was longing for from his childhood days. It may seem small for him now, as he can fulfil with his income but later on at a point if time realises his mistake. The time would not give him a chance to act unless and until he had the right choice of spending.
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    Spending as well as saving develop from a young age. This kind of quality is learned by family. To a large extent, it depends on the economic condition of the family. I have noticed that those boys and girls spend money lavishly who has no responsibility. On the other hand, those boys who come from a poor family and having a big family are unable to spend more money.
    Life is mixture of sad and happy. So we should save money for a safe life.

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