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    Reservations for Locals in Private Industries

    The government of Telangana has decided to provide reservations to the local people in the private industries in this state.

    They decided that a minimum 50% of the skill-based jobs should be given to locals and 80% of the jobs where no skill is required to be given to locals only. They announced that for such industries the government will give subsidies and other incentives. They want to have a special body to monitor the implementation of the same in all industries in the State.

    How Corporate sector will accept this is a big question. A private industry wants their business to run smoothly and they may not accept the interference of the government in their administration. Like government organisations, private industries can't keep the posts vacant for long as that will have an impact on the performance. They want people who work for the company.

    Under these conditions how far it is possible to implement this order of the government?
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    Well, the decision is good given the economic hardships that our fellow brothers and sistets have to face. But the corporate is very profit-oriented it would be difficult to pacify them, with the above mentioned decision. I think the government should incentivize the corporates to increase the skillset of the locals and those corporates that invest along these lines should be rewarded. This would be a win-win situation for both the locals and the corporate including the government.

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    The word reservation has been clearly stated in the constitution, the main purpose of reservation is to give people equal place in the society, no matter how it is given, the constitution emphasizes on ensuring equality of opportunity for all citizens and also It also reiterates in clear terms that socially and educationally backward classes should be given priority. But in my view reservation in the private sectors should not be justified because in fact, the private sector is known for its innovation and superior performance and the implementation of quota system in this area can hamper the progress of the nation. At the same time, it is also expected to inhibit the creation of new ideas and the creation of a competitive environment. People of all states have their own representation in the private sector and everyone should get equal opportunities.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    As the state government failed to create new jobs as promised in their elections. the TRS party government has now pressurized the private companies to take the locals as their employees and that would create problems for the company. As locals may not have the desired experience and qualification being sought by the company and the local leaders would be prevailing on the companies to accept the candidature of their recommendations and thus quality and quantity of the product or service would compromised in future. Now the companies are exposed to the recruitment of right candidate from any state and any field of education in future even this would be changed to suit the party promise. However it would be cheerful welcome for the locals. but for the companies they are going to invite big headache for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If this is done then it would open up a new dimension and a series of new problems and situations. Whoever is doing it has a myopic vision and the action is targeted for short time goals. Once this is done in one state then it would spread to others also and the states which have more industries would benefit more as they have more positions to absorb the professionals. So a national misbalance would soon emerge out of this shortsighted decision and then many complaints and confrontations would start. The unemployed youths and other persons of the state itself will start talking against this historical blunder if any state Govt is going to adopt this practice. Industry would also be affected as the good people would be absorbed in their states only and industry would not have any opportunity to get them even on a higher payment basis.
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