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    Members of CSK test positive

    Today evening the news started to hit. Members of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) contingent have tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus. So this has been the talk of the evening. As per sources, the list included India pacer Deepak Chahar. And also 12 support staff has been tested positive as well.

    Because of this incident, the entire team goes into quarantine. So in this scenario do you think we will have a IPL. Share you comments on this.
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    There has been risk for every one and the cricket players are no exception as they need to take care themselves and follow the rules strictly. Just because they are VIP and they cannot demean the rules and move freely. Across the country the cases has been rising and after the copious rain fall the virus spread has been more. Moreover Chennai has been the most affected place in the recent past and even net practices in Chennai would prove costly for the players. Nothing is more important than the health and happiness and I think IPL should not risk the players and expose them to the virus by having the play on. Cricket can start at anytime and the support for the game would be through and going, but the welfare and the life of the cricketers is most important and therefore postponing the games would be right idea.
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    Welcome back Rathish, It is always a good feeling seeing old members coming back to this site. You have raised a very important issue that in this pandemic situation which activities we should allow and which not. If we see from the perspective of job and industry every thing should be allowed but if we are concerned to check and contain this pandemic till some drugs or vaccines are invented, then taking precautions and minimising the activities would be a prudent step. Sports are also important but they are not the primary thing for the economy of the country so in my view it would be better to postpone them.
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    On the field, it will be very difficult to maintain Social Distance. There are chances people hug each other and touch is other. The ball will be going to different hands. So all the people on the field should be tested and only those who are tested negative should be allowed. Now, who are all tested positive should not be allowed to take part even in practice sessions also.
    The CSK team members who are tested positive have to go to quartine and they can't take part in the matches till they are tested negative again. The same problem may come with other teams also and for such teams, it will be very difficult to participate in the tournament. WIthout many teams, the tournament will not be interesting and it should be postponed.
    There will not be an issue even though the games are postponed. So it is better to postpone them.

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