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    Creativity and curiosity go together and makes one lively

    A curious mind is the most creative mind and if we let go of our curiousity our creativity also ends. To remain creative one has to remain curious and at the same time keep learning new things. A curious person is a lively person.
    Mostly, curiosity is natural but as a person grows, the social structures and responsibilities slowly takes away all the fun of learning and they get stuck in regular and fixed jobs and eventually become dull and boring.
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    Nice thread from the author. What I experienced during my life time that the observations we make with minute details will lead to more curiosity, when there is whole some curiosity to know and dig about a particular information, the creativity also works on the sidelines. And when curiosity and creativity joins the hands, the results would be awesome because it is own thought, never borrowed from others and out of experience the thought process would be completely different and in fact sometimes become bench mark also. Most of the directors are great observers and also great thinkers. If they think much, they get into curiosity mode to dig for further information on the subject and thus arrive at the conclusion to create a new idea of the thoughts and make it a reality which never happened before.
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    True, It is very important to have curiosity inside a human being. Many times young children have been found to be more inquisitive. They ask many questions by looking at the objects around them. With this their knowledge increases. We should not suppress their curiosity because this forms the basis of their life. It is not only by reading, but by reading with curiosity The world is full of questions like why, how, what, when and where. Actually, the answer to these questions lies behind any event. The process of finding answers to them is called curiosity. This curiosity shows the path of knowledge, which helps in achieving further success. Every successful person has an inquisitive tendency, because trying to know, understand and think on every small thing, explains to them the meaning of success. All the discoveries made so far in the world are the result of curiosity of all scientists. So if you are able to find the answers to those reasons and questions with curiosity, it can increase your ability and effectiveness manifold.
    Swati Sharma

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    Agree that curiosity makes a man creative, he wants to see things in new ways or from a different perspective. And also among other things he needs to be able to generate new possibilities or new alternatives in a unique way. Tests of creativity measure not only the number of alternatives that people can generate but the uniqueness of those alternatives. the ability to generate alternatives or to see things uniquely does not occur by change; it is linked to other, more fundamental qualities of thinking, such as flexibility, tolerance of ambiguity or unpredictability, and the enjoyment of things heretofore unknown.
    Children, out of curiosity ask different questions and sometimes quite unique questions as they see the things from their own perspectives- in an innovative way because everything is New to them until they become familiar with them. We should never discourage them if they tend to know or pose any queries about any thing. We are to satisfy them. It makes them creative.

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    If you have the intention to know, you will explore. If you have the curiosity you can be creative. Correct. When we want to know new things we go and read the books or search on the internet and know about them. Otherwise, we ask somebody good in that aspect. If we no intentions of knowing we will not do any attempt and we will be just passing on time. These days everybody should learn new issues and get updated. For that, we should have the curiosity to learn new things. Generally, such people only will prosper in their lives.
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