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    People who get scared of the problem, they actually promote it

    It is not necessary to get the remedy of every trouble immediately, if there is a sudden trouble in life, then a person should not panic, but for some time, think with calm intellect, maybe there is a temporary alternative and then through that temporary option we will find a permanent solution to that problem, but if we go through the sudden problems, then it may be difficult to win from them.
    Many times we are not able to use our abilities properly due to panic and then the result is not as per our desired.
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    One should become a problem with a problem. That should be the nature. This is what my grandfather used to say. When say him, that I am getting a headache, he used to say ignore it. It will vanish. For many, it may not sound logical. But when there is a problem if we can face it strongly we can solve it. But if we scare and just stare at the problem slowly it will become big.
    One of my ex-colleague who is very hale and health and no health problem tested Corona positive. He got scared and started worrying and he succumbed to the tension and died due to heart attack. His fear only made him die, as per the doctor who treated him.
    When there is a problem, we should try to understand the issue properly and know where is the issue and we should take corrective action there. There is no getting worried about the problem.

    always confident

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    What the author said is hundred percent right. Few of my relatives are very much scared of the corona virus from the day one and even today they are stay put inside the house and also advise others not to visit them nor go out. Such was their scare the have locked their gate and speak from their door threshold as if they are keeping the virus at bay. By doing so they are not only being criticized as being over cautious but also promoting the rules in a big way. One thing is sure unless and until the vaccine is found, we have to fight the menace with our self confidence only and those who are afraid of this virus are feeling lonely and even started behaving strangely. So let there be little mingling of people and exchange pleasantries with those who were regulars to the house and thus be normal and not eccentric.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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