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    High time for educational institutions to restart their classes

    It is not so late to start the educational institutions. Particularly colleges. There is no substitute for face to face interaction in any college setting. Online classes cannot to the job. The college's should be made to compulsorily adapt to the new rules. A class of fifty can be divided into two to ensure social distancing. The Covid tests can be conducted every two months on all students, to ensure proper monitoring.

    We need to take bold decisions. The schools can be opened later. Perhaps the first shift in colleges can be conducted between 8 AM and 12 noon; similarly, the second shift can be conducted between 1 and 5pm. It is time for innovation of a tall order. Let us do something in this regard. The time to act is now.
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    You are talking about the opening of schools. Many parents are fearing to send their children even to write an entrance test. In such a condition, how you expect the government to reopen the educational institutes. Now slowly the government is trying to open one after another. It was mentioned that metro services will start. If colleges open there should be a way for the students to reach the colleges. For that transportation is required. They have to give permission for college buses to run. So many things are to be taken into consideration before making these decisions. For any decision, the government will receive criticism and they should be ready to face that. So they may take some more time to come to a decision on this matter. But the colleges should be opened. They need not have college every day for all the people. All the theory classes can be conducted online and only once a weak there can be practical classes so that initially students will go once in a weak only.
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    This is not the ripe time to put our kids in risks and we have seen the results of relaxing the norms by Delhi Government by opening Metros and Malls and all of sudden there was escalation of figures in terms of COVID infection and today's figure being 76, 000 is a worrisome one. Hence this is not the opportune time to go in for such experimentation. Rather, we must take up the determined step to nullify its intensity by adhering to home isolation. Within a locality, if each family follows the same pattern for at least twenty days, we can tackle COVID situation to a great extent. Once such a situation attains, we can think of starting the educational institutions.

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    The actual infrastructure is still closed but many tiny houses have become an individual classroom with the technology improvement, that is a smartphone. Most of the schools and colleges have started online classes along with the Government schools too. If children are able to cope up with this, until we come out of this present situation, there is no other better option than this.
    Opening of schools may create a lot of confusion and mental tension in parents minds as well as children too.

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    Education departments are exploring the possibility of starting education in schools again with the protection of children. parents are getting afraid about the health of children. They are afraid that if the schools are open then the children who are safe till now may not get caught in the infection. However, his concern is not unreasonable. Parents are worried that the risk of child infection will increase here after school opens. It is believed that education is very important in life, but this importance cannot be more than one's life. At this time it is considered appropriate to give online education to children, which is also right. Many parents say that judging by the present circumstances, the decision to open a school for children is not right. Schools should not be opened right now keeping in mind their health. At the same time states say that the standard of education in government schools is getting worse.
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