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    Stagnation is also necessary in the race of life.

    The longing to get something in life and the anxiety and stress caused by not getting it does not let us enjoy life's happiness. You tell yourself how many times in life you have had negative thoughts, maybe very often? Is it correct? And these thoughts can make us sad and upset.
    For this, we have to break the circle of negativity and make yourself positive, we can bring it by many methods into our life and only then you will be able to avoid negativity in your life. Live in the present and enjoy that happiness as if we do not know? We only run to worry about our future or to fulfill the needs in life, but satisfaction is not achieved and we are again ready for a new race. Stagnation in life becomes necessary somewhere, it is not wise to always run.
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    Always running behind something will make our life miserable and there will be no happiness. When we are successful in someplace we should enjoy that success. That happiness should be there with is for some time. But because of the competition and fewer chances these days people are always on run only. They will win one race and start the other race. This is having a lot of impact on the minds and health of the person. So I think Standing at a point for sometimes is also very important. I agree with the author.
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    Good thought emanated from the author's mind and that is appended here to give the wonderful meaning for the life as it should not always be fetching and it should be challenging so that we learn the intricacies of life living even during the sad moments and yet coming out of winning combinations. Life should be mixed feeling. More happiness and less sad period would bring over confidence and even selfishness setting in our minds. More sadness and less happiness would make us more refined in life as we have now understood how to live with the limited resources and yet live with reasonable comforts. And living content is the way of life for some as they do not aspire to become big or achieve big even though they are qualified and eligible to be on a winning note. So what kind of life we want it all depends on our hands.
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    Many times, we have felt that there is no use of carrying out the job being undertaken currently since there is no guarantee of the success of the project and in between proceedings there is no end of the ultimate result. However, such an opportunity is essential sometimes since this offers us scoope for rethinking, amending the ways and without the apparent stagnation, we don't expedite the process of our modifications essential to make the project clickable. Obstructions, impediments should always be seen as the source of opportunities and in that way, we can tackle stress issue with which we are often encountered.

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