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    RORO- Roll OFF Roll ON a transportation system being introduced.

    RORO means Roll On Roll Off, a transportation method introduced. The railways will carry the Road transports and trucks from one major station to another station. In this, the loaded road transports will be loaded on to an open platform wagon and will be unloaded at the destination from where the drivers of the trucks will drive it to the required destination.

    A train can carry a maximum of 47 trucks in one trip. The drivers and his assistant would travel in the cabin of the truck, and good revenue to railways.

    This system will save fuel, save the driving time, reduce road accidents.

    The first maiden run is on from Bengaluru to Sholapur covering over 600 Kms. Soon it is likely to be introduced throughout India.

    I appreciate this. Do You?
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    Agree with the author, this is a major step in transportation by which many positive effects are to come. Under RORO service, a large number of commercial transports, especially trucks are transported from one place to another outside the city on railway freight trains. In this, where diesel is saved, the expenses of transporters are reduced considerably. The biggest advantage of this service is that due to this service, trucks do not have to enter the cities, due to which the problem of jam on the road is relieved. At the same time, due to the saving of diesel, the level of pollution also decreases. This new railway service is expected to significantly reduce the traffic jam problem.
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    Southcentral Railway also introduced some trains under RORO. A good idea and a chance to save petroleum products. If the transportation cost is not very high, many trucks which are going from one State to another State may like to use this facility. Good idea from the Railways and as mentioned by the author it will decrease road accidents also. I like this system and I hope the truck owners will utilise this facility.
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    Wow what a nice decision on the party of Railways to introduce such a transport system in which the a loaded truck can be loaded to a wagon and disembarked at the destination to be driven by truck driver. Surely this is the mind blowing decision of the Railways and money spinner too. But my only apprehension about the height and safety. The lorries cannot be loaded in the open wagon and the height of the truck is exposed to the over head electric traction and therefore there can be fire contacts. But if the rake is lower to the platform like one facilitated to carry the Military trucks that would be the ideal way of carrying the lorries to the destination fast and sure. The time consumed through the trains would be less, the truck driver need not pay toll taxes and ultimately more money for truck owners and the Railways.
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    Surely there would be height and weight check of all the transports being loaded into the wagon. We have many tunnels in India. Therefore is essential to survey all existing structures on the railway lines to lay down the maximum height and width of a truck fit to be loaded into an open wagon. You need not have any apprehension about this height and safety. Also, the trucks should have very limited fuel in their fuel tank to be free from fire hazards.

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    I am trying to gauge the complexity of the system. Suppose, you chose Blue Dart to deliver your parcel. Now if this RORO type of service is followed then along with your parcel you will board their flight/car to deliver it to the destination. Isn't it? The loads carried by trucks can be loaded to the wagons itself instead of the truck and they can be offloaded to a station nearest to the destination from where another truck can carry the loads. The goods will travel through tracks only and there will not be any congestion on the roads. Aren't the railway tracks will be carrying extra loads in the way of carrying a large number of trucks?

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    The railway tracks are not like roads. The parallel railway lines can stay long and never get corroded or eroded. Their life is extra-long and everstrong. Railway transport system is the best system. Rail accidents are very rare. Therefore safety and security can be ensured for the goods transported.
    Secondly, think about the loading and unloading process of loading from the vehicle to wagon and from the wagon to the vehicle at the destination. ( You are suggesting the same old practice here to load and unload goods in the wagons)
    Here, the transport agency will load their loaded transports directly into the wagon with the accountable packages, duly covered and protected; book it for rail transportation; load it, and unload it at the destination point.
    There cannot be a better method than this to save fuel, to save road accidents, avoid traffic congestions, traffic jams, driving on narrow roads, maneuvering difficulties, no damages to good, and saving time.

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