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    Good and humble people leave world earlier than the rest

    Hello members, why do talented good and humble people like Chadwick Boseman die so early on. They're incredible in sacrifice, self-preservence extremley talented and hardworking. We've had many talented folks die this year. This is terrible.
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    True. Good and humble people leave the earth soon. It is nothing but their destiny. Everything on this good earth has a manufacturing date and expiry date. While the date of manufacturing is known to us expiry date is not known to us. This question can be answered only by the author who creates human beings. He is known to be GOD. It is a million-dollar question that can not be answered by anyone on this earth.
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    The death of good people or the death of bad people is a natural rule. This is a law made by nature. We cannot say that good people die first, bad ones die later. It is the law of the creator that the person whose death is written will go at that time. But it is that the number of people who do more religion or follow their good deeds would be very less so we miss them more. But yes sometimes my grandmother used to say that good people die early because God may have thought somewhere that the good people do not do bad things in the future, so they die but God will give more chances to those who are bad , is that those people improve themselves. But my believe is that birth and death is a natural law; we have to live according to that legislation of God and according to that, people live their lives.
    Swati Sharma

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    A person born on this earth should die oneday. It is natural. No immortality to human beings. But there is no set rule and theory to decide when someone will die. My father in law was very healthy and no complications of health to him. When he was 52 years old, he was extracting milk he collapsed. Doctor's confirmed heart attack. He never suffered from even normal cold and cough also. We never expected. My grandmother was on bed for about more than 5 years. Many times we thought, she may not survive. But she survived and died recently in her 98th year. So we can't predict or imagine when we will die. Some people fight out death and come out from serious illness also. There is no evidence for believing that good and humble people die early. But when we see a good person leaving this world in his early ages, we feel that good people die early.
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    Nice question raised by the author. Why good and humble persons die so early than others in some cases at very early age because God also likes to have them to time test their ability and take along the Devlok members. The heaven is not having waste persons, wrong doers, cheating persons, or those who tell lies. It is the clean place for the perfect persons who mean the time, respect the time, respect, elders, and above all respect their own responsibility for having born in this land. And why the God gives long rope for the wrong doers who are curse in this part of the world because, God wants to test every person at the challenging time as to whether he is remembering God or even in trying times he pose that he knows to manage things. Therefore humble and good people are no more required in this world.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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