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    Seeing is believing. So what is the difference between faith and belief ?

    Seeing is believing. Man believe in things when he saw it with his naked eyes. But the irony is we believe in most things which we do not see. When we learn earth is round, we believe it , but we did not see it. When we learn for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction , we believe it even if we do not experience or see it. Education is believing before seeing. We become educationalist or educated believing before seeing. So what is faith. Faith is believing before seeing.
    When we say I have faith in God, do we see God. But we have faith in God . We say I have a faith in a positive result of the issue and it happens. So is faith a prediction. What is belief.
    So what is belief and what is faith ?
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    When there is strong will power and perseverance in thoughts, never change under any circumstance and in the love of God, it is faith. And thoughts can change when there is a lack of desire power in case of any situation, then they are beliefs. Some people say that if there are beliefs, are thoughts of some such people, but we cannot call that idea completely true, because anyone can make an idea. The beliefs of some community means participatory views of the community that it can be true, and also untrue. But if we say about faith, then faith is a non-breaking idea, which will not change in any situation. In other words, faith means devotion and the idea of ??love for a God who can never change. But the perception is made by people. Faith is the belief of any event to be true without the basis of knowledge.
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    When we see something, we start believing it and the extension of belief is faith. We believe that God will help us in times of difficulties and really when we get some help from unknown sources and if we are out of woods, our belief will become faith. Generally, belief will come from the things we can see and observe. But beliefs in unseen things may be known as faith. We never see God but we have faith in Him. As per the meaning given in the dictionary, faith is "Strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof."
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    The faith comes to us when we are amid our own people following certain rituals and customs associated to our sect. It can be religion also. When we start following our own faith out of compulsion or even liking there must be iota of belief also. Without belief one cannot blind fold follow the faith. Once my close friend who was the Muslim took me into a Mosque for offering prayers. Though I said I shall stand out side and wait, he insisted to come inside and watch the proceedings of prayers. I felt awkward because I never expected such an invitation to follow and see other faith so easily but out of compulsion I went inside and sat in the corner to see the prayers going on. But had the guilty feeling as every devote was seeing me with question mark. Is that mean I entered the place without granted permission and in this case at the insistence of the friend and everyone knows.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The difference folks lies in the way belief and faith are structured. Both are mental constructs. While belief is usually individual faith is extended opinion of a particular thing, object etc. Faith in this sense becomes a social construct too, whereas belief remains in the individual domain. Both can be blind or rational based on the different approaches they take towards the subject-object dictum. It is usually said belief evolves into faith. Thus we must believe in being constructive and taking constructive approaches applying rational thought process to problem solving in our day to day life both on individual and collective level. This ensures a healthy macro and micro sphere of our society and ultimatly our nation and mankind as a whole.

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