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    Why Indiastudychannel not creating a mobile App. for its portal?

    Indiastudychannel is one of the famous and highly rated popular educational portal of India. It should have a mobile App. for easy launching into the site for mobile users. Quora and many other such portals are having such Apps. and why should our ISC site should have one? I like to have such an App. for our ISC site. Tony sir creating so many modern features from time to time to our site and I hope this feature facility also will be provided very soon to its users. Members please share your opinion with regard to this issue.
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    I remember sometime back this point was discussed. But a mobile app for a site like ISC may not be much helpful. The quantum of activity involved may be very high and having an app may be difficult, I feel. However, the top of people of the ISC will have to take a call on this.
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    Making app and maintaining such app needs to hire competent staff and salary needs to given to them. ISC is barely surviving the competition. Revenue is ISC may be reducing every year.

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    The author has suggested what has been in pending since many years. Yes I do agree that a mobile app would instantly connect to the site and we would have the liberty to log in without going to the customary log off and log in in normal practice. But please note that this site is purely managed by voluntary editors who are also members like you and me and they are not paid salaries but out of love and affection to this site those editors are working in the spare time and for the site webmasters. In that case further burdening the works for the editorial team would not be a worthy thought. We know our webmaster Tony John is a technical savvy person and he wants to bring changes often but when it comes to mobile app for this site, it always wants a constant watch on the proceedings to which our site is not ready to have a watch dog person.
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    ISC is a platform to contribute to various sections and for that one needs to write and edit a lot. Mobile Apps are useful only to read things but not at all suitable when it comes to editing and posting an article of let's say 450 words. Just think of the Mobile Apps we use daily and their purpose. Most of the newspapers have their Apps but that is for the readers. To post content you have to refer to many things at a time and also edit your posts which can be very strenuous while using a small screen of the Mobile devices. Quora is not a moderated site and contents which only violate their guidelines are deleted. It's a site dealing with questions related to everything and people can post replies according to their wish. ISC is quite different in that aspect and for all these reasons, a Mobile App for ISC will be of little use. .

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    This is a good idea which would be helpful for ISC lovers, we can easily be connected all the time with an App and which may also keep us update as we use our mobiles more then laptop and PC. End of the it would be a decision by the management team of ISC and we will appreciate all decisions. because they have more idea and knowledge about it.
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    This might seem like a good idea, but I guess it's not feasible given that this website is community driven. If however the admins and webmaster sir recruit a special group of volunteers who can give enough time to develop and maintain an app. Then it might be possible. However I feel before we do that we must improve the way our community works. More IScians must contribute and improve the working of this amazing community. Espc the admins and moderators. Some Iscians can work full time too.

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