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    What is the real purpose of human race.

    Every living creature on this planet has a limited or fixed purpose and they are executing the same without fail. For example, birds, butterflies, bees enable pollination. Many herbivores act as food chain for carnivorous animals. Similar is with aquatic life.
    All these animals, birds, aquatic species have limited conciousness and hence their purpose is limited and specific, but humans have been blessed with an extremely powerful brain and a vast amount of consciousness and due to this humans are almost ruling the planet and every other form of life.

    But my real question is, what exactly is the purpose of this human life. With such powerful brain and conciousness we are able to manifest whatever we want but have we been able to really find the true purpose of this life.

    I believe that this lack of clarity is the reason for all the differences and wars and hate in this World. We are still far from knowing our true purpose.
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    Good question has been raised by the author. We have been born as the human being as the last resort of our life cycle after having being birds, animals and various other creatures of the world. God has made us a human for many things to do. That we should reach out to those who are needed us the most. Only human being has the tendency to understand and respect what is right and what is wrong. Only human being has the right to nurture the animals and give them the shelter and food. If we behave indifferent to the animals then we are cursed more because we are giving problems to those animals which cannot react to our punitive act nor they can protest. Nevertheless the having born as human we should be every thankful to the God for giving opportunity to serve others little bit and get that whole lots of satisfaction.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As regards to the consciousness and brain powers humans stand at the top of animal kingdom. Basically, as per nature, the basic purpose of all life forms is to reproduce and survive. This is the basic instinct that nature has provided to all of us. This activity, all the life forms execute voluntarily or involuntarily.

    The only difference in humans is the high level of consciousness that is making it sensitive to all types of issues in our lives which are highly social and well structured and were conceived during the evolutionary times itself. Then the discoveries and invention added much more scope for thinking in larger terms and struggle for power and prosperity arose in different parts of the world isolating one from other based on their relative powers of weapons and other ammunition for mass destruction. So new purposes were added to the basic purpose of reproduction and survival. These new purposes were in some cases backed with evil and destructive desires of a few of us that brought the world at the brink of the war and conflicts. Grabbing others property and kingdoms became the order of the day and invaders found new terrestrial routes of looting and exploiting the peaceful races. These new meanings are still continuing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Life of a person is a great gift by God. A man's life would be meaningful if it was of some use. The heart is pure by the service of others, everyone lives for himself, but the one who lives for others is always remembered. There are some minimum requirement of man! Those who have no luck are deserving of help, and those who have more than they should help others. Man should be a constant effort, Fall does not give up, defeat happens when there is no more effort. By putting this precious human life in the right path, if we do what we have been doing then we will get what we have always got. To achieve the purpose of life, the meaning of life must be fulfilled, that's why we should first of all be a good person.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    @K Mohan Sir, I do not agree that we can provide shelter and food to animals. On the contrary we are using animal and plants to our benefit. Yes, I am grateful for this life and will always be.

    @Umesh SIr, reproducing and persihing is a common denominator in all life forms on this planet and we as humans are devising novel ways of destroying or suppressing other human beings. It will end it is a disater only and nothing else. We will soon be back to dinosaur age once we destroy each other.

    This planet will prosper and thrive once we (humans) perish. We need this planet, this planet doesn't need us.
    I am yet to get a good response to tickle my grey matter.

    Live before you leave.

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    Yes. Very well said. The planet can survive without you and me. But we can't survive without this planet. We discovered that many other planets are not useful for human survival but planets are there. Only on this planet earth, we have water, air and trees which are making us live. I feel the purpose of our life is to live and let live. Another duty of human beings is to protect the earth. Our elders handed over the earth as a place useful to us to live. We should see that we will not spoil this and handover the same to the next generation as a useful place for them to live on. Then we can say that we have fulfilled our purpose in life.
    We have great brains and we are using for our happiness and luxuries. But let us try to use at least a part of it for showing our gratitude to the mother earth and try to improve the environment.

    always confident

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    It is true that human is the most intelligent creature of this world, but the human need is infinite, to fulfill thier need human beings always want to control each other whether it is an animal, forest or other planets. Humans forget the basic purpose of their lives and they run every day for more facilities
    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Most of humans believe that they have to attain materialistic gains in life and should have a comfortable and luxurious life. With that motto most of the people work hard towards making a career in a job or business.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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