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    Don’t put ball in others court, instead put it out of the court

    Problem solving has become integral part of human life. Be it academics, professional or personal life we cannot get away without solving different problems that come on the way. Sometimes we cannot solve the problems by ourselves and we need teamwork to achieve it. When problems are worked upon as a team sometimes a very common malpractice is observed in which team members tend to shift the problem from their bucket to others bucket without an intent to solve it at first place. This is commonly referred to as "Putting the ball in other's court" by people. At times in teamwork it is observed that few members instead of making sincere attempt to solve the problem tend to shift their burden on others by highlighting false challenges and giving some excuses. Person A puts ball in Person B's court and Person B puts it in Person C's court. This kind of mindset within the team leads to blame game among the members and chances to achieve the goal are severely hampered. "Now the ball is in your court" are the common words we hear in such cases.

    Reason for such a mindset among few members may be their unwillingness or lack of sincerity towards their work which makes them offload their work on others. It is important to note that in a teamwork "Now ball is in your court" method would seldom lead to success. Considering that ball signifies problem here the aim should be to put the ball out of the court and not in others court meaning that attempts should always be made to solve the problem rather than shifting it to others.
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    Very good thread started by the author. In India we have the very bad habit of shirking the responsibility and wants the concerned person to attend to the work instead of trying to solve the problem. Most of the government departments when the concerned clerk is on long leave the other staff would refuse to attend his work and thus the chain of events connected to that table stops. That means the work is being stalled for the cause of one person and this has to be rectified. What the author said is true, we have put the ball out of the court and not in the others court The delegation of responsibility should be clear with who is second in command so that works in private and government departments should not suffer because of one person being absent. This way a new beginning can be made at least from this new normal situation.
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    A good thought by the author. Not only in the offices and workplace, this sometimes happens in family also where people shift responsibilities from one person to other. I fully endorse the view that there is nothing like mutually resolving the issue rather than pushing it to other's lap.
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    I completely agree with the author. It is important for people to know that we have to solve our own problem and do not get it done by anyone else. It is sure to face problems in life, but celebrating their grief or finding solutions is your hand and it is optional. As long as your life is there, there will be problems and at the same time your responsibilities remain, but people have to understand that, are we looking at solving problems or losing courage? Instead of complaining about the problem, or looking for someone who will going to solve our problem is not a right way, we will focus on solving it ourselves. If you do not do this, then the problem will surround you and take away your peace. Ineffective people face the problem with fear, anxiety and apprehension and make the problem worse. But if you think of solving the problem with patience and smile then you win the first battle with the problem.
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    This is very common in many organisations. If everything goes well, I am great. If something goes wrong, the other person did the mistake. This is the blame game. This happens mainly due to the lack of belongingness. When we see at the work as our work we will not do such blame games but we sincerely try hard to make the task successful.
    Some people will not think that if the Organisation work is our work only. But some will not think like that. They will always look for an escape route. They will be always ready with an explanations for failure and they will see that the reason is someone else.
    Playing the ball into others court is not a good trait and as said by the author we should see that it will be out of court. When the ball goes out of court only you will get 4 or 6. Otherwise, you have to run physically for your score. So you see that team wins and be the reason for winning. But never allow the loss to make somebody as scapegoats for that. This should be the way.

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    That's very important but many people tend to shirk their responsibilities. More precisely, many people do not wish to take responsibilities at all and if they take any kind of responsibility they tend to finish the work as early as possible because to them responsibility is a burden. If something is really a burden to you then you will always try to get rid of burdens and the case is almost the same here. In a team, each member has her/his own responsibility and along with that, the common intention must be to complete the task successfully. Everyone has a role in the successes of a team and if somebody is at fault then other members must adjust themselves accordingly so that their common goal is not hampered. This blame game takes place when people in the team gives the responsibility to others rather than taking responsibilities. Those who are willing to take responsibilities remain burdened with the tasks and those who are not they start blaming each other saying they already gave the responsibility to someone else to complete the task.

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