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    Killing two birds with one stone

    Being a housewife I am well aware with the monotony of work and also about our desires for a change or break from the routine activities and look for some outing opportunities or social gathering or may be some religious engagements. But the present pandemic situation has created a big bottleneck in that direction and no such thing is appearing to be feasible for quite some time either in the present or in the near future. So what is to be done to attain that dream break from routine. With a deluge of contests in ISC starting from the 13th anniversary announcement, I was just pondering whether it would not be a good idea to concentrate more towards our online activities and take advantage of the present home confinement. I found it as a good thought and it seemed to a good idea to me and I compared it to killing two birds with one stone as it helps us to seek a diversion from the routine work as well as gain in the online arena. What do the members think about it? I hope, many members might already be following this scheme.
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    Human tendency is to seek break from the routines and when the pandemic has set in unexpectedly , we have not made any arrangement and every new rule was just imposed on us without even giving time to think and make alternate arrangements. It is the fact that those who have opted for the work from home concept they are immensely benefited to look after their children, having good time with family bonding, and above all waste expenses were largely curtailed as we stopped moving out. Those who are doing multi tasking during this period are greatly benefited as new learning. new experience to live with minimal comfort and above all austerity has saved some money for the future. And our members has wonderfully used their spare time with ISC and that made our site much more familiar and wanting too.
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    It is true. Internet and mobile phones are boons in these pandemic situations. No, where we can go and no entertainment. We should also say thanks to Doordarshan as they understood the problem and telecasted good epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat and we were spending some good time there. I think watching those serials is two birds at one shot. A good time pass and also good learning.
    Online activity is helping us many of us to have a useful time and we are not feeling monotonous. We can learn about my new issues and at the same time, we will have some income also. Mobile phones are keeping us in touch with friends and relatives. Even though we are not able to meet them, we can talk to them and know their well being. Otherwise we might have had a very bad time during these days.

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    Killing two birds with one stone is a very popular proverb but let's not kill birds online. I mean better not to spend too much time online to play such games where you have to shoot at some creatures, be it human or animals. Yes, a break is essential in our lives and since we are almost forced to stay inside at present we are spending a lot of time online. I agree that spending some time online will help many because it's a form of diversion from our routine but don't fall prey to some tactics which are widely advertised on various websites. Be cautious, learn new things, if possible, and it may be a good idea to fix the timings of online activities. Though online activities cannot be limited only on some social networking platforms it can be used for our personal gains. Spending some time on ISC is always a good idea though if possible we can think of some offline activities like reading books or indulging in our hobbies, etc.

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