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    Life without paper cannot be imagined

    Paper has become part and parcel of our life from the childhood to the senior citizen age and we have been taking the help of paper at many points of time. A child tries to study the alphabet through the matter printed on paper, then the school days starts with note books again on paper, the exams are wrote on the paper and even our important happenings of life are also noted on paper which is called diary. Then comes the awarding of degree which is also mentioned on the paper and our memo of marks is also on paper. And finally when we become old and recline on a easy chair, we read the daily newspaper.

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    Yes. Paper is a part and parcel of our life. Present-day young people may be managing without paper. But elders who are in their 60s and 70s may understand the importance of paper in their lives. But these days the usage of paper has come down and everything is on Laptop or computer or smartphone. For them no necessity of paper. A day may come where school-going children also will not use paper for writing.
    As mentioned by the author many people used to keep a diary to note down the important events of their lives. But that also has gone digital now. On your laptop or your desktop you keep word document and write in that.

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    Reading newspapers is a common but good habit. It provides detailed information about all the events around the world in one place. Earlier, there were only a few publications but now many newspapers are available in the market. There are specialized newspapers covering different domains to cater to the needs of different sections of the society. Everyone who reads newspapers regularly is well aware of the latest happenings , they are more knowledgeable and worldly. Such people can speak on various topics with confidence. He is an inspiration to many people. They are respected in society and everyone wants to join them. Thus reading newspapers regularly helps in building social contacts. Whenever newspapers are unable to read due to any national holiday, then the day feels incomplete.
    Swati Sharma

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    We cannot enrich our knowledge without going through the esteemed newspaper where there will be coverage of entire events with all the figures and supporting details. Once you go through the newspaper from its beginning to end, you will have better confidence of updating your knowledge in relation to news and events. The role of the editors is crucial and they know where a particular news should appear depending upon its prominence. Editorial section carries the view of the editor in relation to its origin and other details. Comments appearing on that column speak of their maturity and in depth understanding of the events.

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    Reading a news paper is the beginning of almost everyone's routine without which the day seems a bit incomplete. The right analysis of sensitive subjects, which concern good editorial society, is presented to the readers and good articles on social topics impress and inspire the readers, show them the importance of rights and responsibilities and show us the right path. Suppose a good newspaper becomes the conscience of the people. Perhaps this is the reason that 'Newspaper' for the readers has been going public in the form of hand-written pamphlets in the past almost 400 years in some form - first and later through the print medium but currently some The purpose of communication paper is to make more profit but still there are many more reasons which have remained credibility for newspapers.
    Swati Sharma

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    In today's digital world, we cannot ignore the values of paper. We cannot do all kinds of education tasks without paper. Paper has an important role in the field of education, whether a newspaper or a related document, paper is an important part of human life. We are reducing its importance in the digital world but paper keeps our documents safe for long time in many ways.
    Phagu Mahato
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    We are slowly inching towards a paperless regime but still paper has much significance in our lives. If we go to any office or enterprise or company and make some query and want to apply for something then the first thing they would suggest is that please apply for it either in the prescribed form or a plain paper. Believe me, some of us simply keep some blank papers with us in our bag when we visit to offices or other such places and if someone asks us to write an application in a plain paper we just with much pride take that paper out and start scribbling. So, paper is still very much required.
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    I agree with the author, how much ever the print media is taking over the paper still it is not losing its value. Paper is a necessity in a few sectors without which there cannot be a smooth running of few industries. Files, scribbling pads, bus or train passes are all using paper still now.
    However, if papers are taken over by digitization it is a good initiative as we will be saving on a number of plants being cut for producing paper every day. Saving the environment and saving lives to follow too.

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    Though the use of paper is diminished in an astounding ways in our lives due to the phenomenal progress in the digital and online world, still its use is there in some of the areas where it would take time to fully replace it with the digital media. I still feel the comfort and enjoyment of reading news in a physical newspaper rather than a news site in my mobile. May be this feeling might change with coming times.
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