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    Practice Minimalism To Enjoy Life

    Minimalism is a life style living with minimum requirements Not going beyond the need There is no hard and fast rules But it is the mind shift from extravagance to simplicity It is a perspective towards life Minimalism is applicable to rich as well as poor Rich tend to reach luxury, but poor try to make both ends meet. People who are following imitation effect, try to drop into traps, traps of debts. They earn for their bread. But pay for the banks, as EMI, loans, or even personal borrowings. They spend more than the earnings to imitate a "Rich Neighbor" People "fall in love" with consumerism.
    Attracted in advertising, not giving a second thought or rethinking goes before modernism. Fashion become their passion. Practicing minimalism will improve health and wealth.
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    I am totally against the extravagant expenses which are purported to be made for the sake of others to show our spending ability and that is not required at all. In this regard I always invoke the famous Urdu saying that "Jitna chaadar Utna hi payar pehlao" that means we must sleep within the blanket and cannot open or stretch our legs outside. So this lovely proverb clarifies the simple life style be followed and sustained as everyday is not same and there could be emergencies in life for which little provision from our side can be possible only through not going for wasteful expenditures. Someone said that when we are earning money we should spend it liberally as the life is uncertain. It may be true from one point of you, but the same kind of person would have gone mad during the pandemic as there was no money flow and no one came ready to help monetarily.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What I witnessed in my childhood days, I will try to explain here. In our village, there were to cousin brothers. One brother was very rich and he was running a business. He used to spend money from his business and he was making good profits. He was spending very lavishly. But his bank balance was also increasing. The second person is not having any such income and dependent on agricultural income. He was getting some salary. But he was always having the quality of false prestige and he used to spend like his other brother. Ultimately he has to sell his house and lands. His brother only purchased. So by seeing somebody we should not spend. We should see what is required and what is not required. Try to be as simple as possible and manage the life happily. But many people can't do it.
    always confident

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    Living within means or well below the means even if one is having money is an art of living and is to be learned if one wants eternal peace in one's life. There is no end to the world luxuries though one can buy them one by one if one has good amount of money. Another disastrous thing is to mimic the ways of the rich neighbours. Remember if we resort to that then we are going to be more poorer than today. Today the main stress in life is because we want to have everything in our lives and want to compete with others in show off. It is all in bad taste and a type of financial blindness.
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    There is a general belief prevalent in the public that those who have money are happy. Here money means accumulating enough money to live life to its fullest. Because rich people have money and despite having money, they do not get the happiness they used to imagine. Therefore they conclude that money is not everything. Money is not everything in life, it does not mean that money is nothing in life. It would be grossly wrong to say so.
    But in a nutshell, this is to say that man has created nature in such a way that his wish never ends. Due to this long list of wishes, a human being does not feel happy despite everything. Every little thing in life is capable of providing happiness.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Some people do a lot of show off and lead a fake life. They will try to impress others by their wealth or fashion signatures or styles etc and their main weapon is to spend money. I think it is in a bad taste. We should avoid spending for unnecessary things or unwanted luxuries in our lives. There is no point in doing so just to keep your head high in false pride. I vouch for minimalism in our lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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