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    Spiritual peace is very important in life.

    Life is the best gift given by God. To make this life-like garden full of fragrances and to keep yourself satisfied, some small things are very important to keep in mind. If we always keep these things in mind, then surely we will get the happiness of spiritual peace in the true sense. Never expect anything from anyone. Because it is not necessary that your expectations from a person are always fulfilled. On the contrary of hope, you may feel sad. So why should there be any expectation? Always be patient, because the paths are long, but not endless. Think before you take any step.
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    Very true, spiritual peace is as important as our life. Definitely, we can't make progress in life without it. If peace is not there then we can't be healthy. Healthy body stays in a healthy mind only. Basically, we feel sad because of having much expectation from near and dear ones. When it doesn't fulfil then we get restless. So, we need to be bold and strong in this respect.

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    Good post from the author. Definitely a peace of mind will make us healthy. If we expect something and if you get something less than your expectations, you will be unhappy. But if there are no expectations, whatever you get will make you happy. Once I was going to a movie with my relations. I dropped a hundred rupees note on the way. After going to the movie theatre, I searched in my pockets and found that I lost it. I have no hope of tracing it back. After seeing the movies we were going back and near our house, I found the note and felt very happy. Like this unexpected gains will give us more happiness. So don't expect any favour from anybody. Whatever due to you will definitely come to you. More than that nothing will come to you. Once you come to this understanding you will have peace.
    always confident

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    In today's materialistic world everyone is in search of peace and calmness in one's life. It is believed and our scriptures also say that it can be achieved through spiritual endeavours in our lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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