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    Water is an important resource, why is it not being valued by humans.

    There is no need to tell anyone how much source of life water is for us. We do not even exist if there is no water. How many efforts are being made to ensure that water does not flow in vain. Water is a precious boon given by the creator, which has been flowing for centuries to meet our needs. Today, water has become so valuable on the earth that it is confined in closed bottles. There was a time when one or two wells quenched their thirst for water, the water of the wells became dirty, dried up. The water started coming out of the hand pumps, then it started decreasing there too. He started coming from the tanks and then started to drop from drop to drop. There was shortage of water, water was forced to be sold. How far will the lack of water take us, this is a serious matter today. We have to be alert in time. Due to lack of water, we and upcoming generation may face many troubles in future.
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    No water on the earth. No life on the earth. This is the fact and nobody can deny this. But this resource is available at a very minimum price and even free of cost also. That is the reason people can understand the value of this commodity. Many times the same mater has been discussed on various platforms. But people continue wasting water without thinking,
    A lady who is fetching a pot of water from a distance of one kilometre will understand the value of water. If we don't understand the value of this item and continue the same practices our future generations will curse us. If you count the wastage of water in our various activities, we can understand how much water is wasted. We feel what we are wasting may be very less. But drops will become litres and litres will become gallons and then Kilolitres. So each person should where he/she is wasting water and take measures to control that wastage.

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    This is a fact that water is life and without water survival of human beings is impossible. The blood is human beings are made up of 90% water and if the water is not available in our body, a person feels week and timid. This water is equally important for all other creatures; without water their life is impossible.

    Water is a precious resource and a fundamental unit of life. Without it, Life is not possible. We use water in our daily activities - washing clothing, bathing, in cooking food, in construction, our horticulture and agriculture completely depend on water. We should understand that water is an important element in our life. We can't think of life without it.
    But every passing year, the water level is reducing and people in many places not only in India but across the globe are facing water shortage. It is noteworthy to preserve water and don't waste it. Every drop of water is precious, let's preserve every drop of it!

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    Water is life. Nobody can deny from this point how much important it is. We can't survive without it. We need water in doing every household work. Every drop of water is precious for life. Most of the creature living on the earth need water for survival. So, we must preserve it not only for ourself but also for the coming generation. I have noticed many people wasting water in different activities. They never give importance to water and waste as much as possible. Such people need to make aware of its importance. The water crisis has been seen everywhere in the world. day by day. If today we didn't get alert then we will have to face water shortage in future. So
    water preservation is our primary duty.

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    Water is a very important element for humans. It is said that if there is water, there is tomorrow. Without water we cannot imagine a good world. But in some places water is getting misused, it is getting polluted. Day to day the water level is going down. due to deep water level many areas have to face the problem of water. So It is necessary that the water should be used properly that help the younger generation can live a good life. Water has always been a precious element, so we should conserve water and spend it as needed.
    Phagu Mahato
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    Nice thought provoking thread from the author as the water has become most important and must for the survival of human being and neglecting to save or wasting the water is bringing more trouble for future. Every drop counts goes the saying and I truly admire this saying. Because even in our homes when the tap leaks by drop, we would not care and leave it to its dropping and over the period of time the overhead tank would dry and we face the water shortage. Even the public taps should be properly closed not to allow for wastage. In this regard I strongly oppose the water tankers plying on the road , they would not close the valve securely and thereby the leakage of water can be seen through the entire stretch and that can be saved. Even in the absence of retaining the rain water, we are letting it out to the drains.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    With the surge of population, demand for water, too, has escalated. However the supply of water cannot be augmented because of its fixed supply. Hence the solution to this problem lies in judicious use of this precious item. Many times, we have seen people forgetting to close the tap after collecting water and as a result, there is colossal loss of water because of such negligence. This loss can be even more because of indulgence of innumerable people practicing wrong approach towards its consumption. The time is not too far when the people would realise its imortance and do their best to preserve this resource.

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    Once upon a time, a king was on the tour to the villages on his reign. His associates were carrying the needy items for the tour along with them. On reaching a village, the cook found that they forget to take salt with them. With much fear the head cook approached the king and told the matter. The King took this as normal and asked the cook to get some quantity of salt from the people of that village. Intervened Chief Minister asked the king to offer some coins when to collect the salt from the villager. The King astonished and asked,'why should we pay money for salt as the salt is not supposed to be traded'. Minister replied,'your contention is correct on one way but the dignity of the kingdom should not get come down simply for salt'.
    I read a slogan in Metro water board, that 'once we get water from rivers, then ponds, then wells, then cans and packets. What will be for the future generation if we spend lavishly'.
    Like this we people find water plenty in one time but we are paying for that. In spite of this we do not care for future.
    We should stop spending water lavishly, should teach our children to handle water with care by telling them about the importance.

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