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    Are we keeping a social distance from rational thinking?

    The term social distancing is used everywhere these days because of the present pandemic situation. Yes, we need to maintain a social distance when we are outside and I am sure many are following it. At times though it is not always possible to maintain it because of certain situations, otherwise we are following it. Now let's look into rational thinking. I am not going to discuss the superstitions or some beliefs that many follow in their daily lives but something that is related to this situation. Many are staying indoors and many are going out too but thinking logically considering the present situation is always important. Suppose, if you get a message that says 'Let's have a blast tomorrow at so and so place' and you agree to the proposal would it be rational considering the situation? Staying indoors for a long time may have made our thought process to look outwards only and at times those thoughts are at a distance from the reality. Be aware. Maintain a social distance with another but not with your thoughts. What has happened or what you did earlier is not important at this juncture. Applying your mind to the situation happening around and act accordingly is always important.
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    Very thoughtful message has been penned down by the author. We need to be careful of who we touch and who we meet. This was previously unthought of but now as the circumstances demand, one must act accordingly. Rationalism is an important tool in our socio-economic developement. One must not loose rationality at the cost of anything. Social distancing must be maintained, this is our collective and individual responsibility. And is right now one of the only effective way we've got to tackle the menance of this pandemic. That is unless the vaccinies are developed powerful enough to help fight the virus.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    No blasts these days. If somebody wants, they can have it in their house alone or with their family members. But not outside and that too with other people. We should go out only when it is unavoidable. Otherwise managing everything from your house is the best. Yes. We should think logically and decide.

    Social distance maintenance is very important and mask also equally important. As far as possible we should stop eating or drinking outside. We should carry our box and bottle. Going for a job and working there is essential to take care of us and over the family. So we have to attend duty by taking all the required precautions. We need not go to parties and celebrations where a lot of gathering will be there.

    These issues we have to review case by case and decide whether we should go or not. Even we decide that we should go, we shouldn't give any concessions to the precautions required to take.

    always confident

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    Today why we are being asked to keep social distancing is that there is a purpose behind that and that is a larger purpose of saving the humanity from the spread of this deadly disease. It is imperative that we have to be very rational and logical in applying this endeavour in all our actions and thought process. Every citizen has to think twice before taking any such intermingling decision that can harm the people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has touched the important matter through this thread which is the social distancing and keeping away the people from is what we are doing. In this regard I wish to bring a wonderful ad being shown on the tv for a tea advertisement wherein the house hold prepares three cup of tea , one for the husband, one for her and a boy who is in self quarantine. While the husband insists that the windows and doors may be closed for him not to visit or peep into the house, the wife shot back and said that we need to only follow the social distancing and not completely get rid of the person. That was good point made through the ad and it testifies here. In the garb of social distancing, we have been distancing the relatives and friends for the past 6 months as none visited us nor we are going there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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