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    Gold mine is there but the gold diggers are not available.

    I was going through one of the threads on ISC and one of the senior members has responded with a list of available sister sites of ISC.

    Few of them which I reviewed and found them to be gold mines waiting to be digged.

    There were other sites too, but I found these sites to be of immense value but did not find many active members there. Senior members are aware of it but new members who many times come up with question as to how to earn more from here are most welcome to visit and contribute to the above sites also.

    SInce this site will now be mostly focussed on study and education hence those with more specific skill can start contributing to these site to earn good revenue.

    I am preparing for the same and invite other new and old members to visit these sites and begin contributing.
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    I have opened accounts on and But I couldn't open an account on as it is asking a verification code from the administration and I don't know how to get that code and even I don't where the procedure is available for getting that code. If anybody knows the procedure they can give the same here so that members who are interested can join that website also.
    These sites mentioned by the author are highly specialised sites and more understanding about the field with which that site deal is required to contribute on those sites. Anyhow people having some time available can explore the possibility of working on those sites also. If I have some time and if I can contribute something there, I will do that without fail. Thanks to the suggestion given by the author and some members will get benefitted from this thread.

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    We had some forum discussions on this topic earlier and in fact webmaster has already given a gist of those sites in one of his posts and asked the interested members to join there and subsequently some of us have also joined there in some of them. Right now those sites are not having much activities but still there is a plethora of very good and quality information available there. If more people join there they would also become vibrant like ISC. As I am a bit active in Techulator, I can vouch that it is a good place for technical articles, technical Q & A, technical reviews etc. Other sites are having their own specialisation and definitely those members who have time to spare can explore those sister sites for making the contributions in the desired area of one's liking.
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    ISC and sister sites are gold mine and there were no proper maintenance. For example I was very active with 8 spider sites of ISC when I joined new but unfortunately those sites were discontinued for the reasons known to the webmaster. Recently there was a announcement to join the Study village sister site and I did it. No activity from other members there and I am alone visiting it daily and requesting members to be active. Only ISC has been doing well as it has captured the interest of the members as this has all ingredients to contribute where as the sister cites are on particular topic or subject matter and hence no takers.
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    Only Techulator can be considered as good site after ISC. Where ISC may ranks for generis terms easily but techulator may rank for tech related content easily.

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    Well, it seems the sister sites are not as popular as Indiastudychannel. I do hope more people contribute and grow communities on other sites as well. Since this concept has a dualistic nature at one time you're increasing your skills online by regularly contributing to the website, on the other hand you're being rewarded with cash incentives. Also as K. Mohan sir has pointed above it seems this site had the right dose of everything besides being managed really well by the admins. Also this was one of the earlier sites started by the webmaster hence I'd suppose it has more popularity and thus more users are in here.

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    I was also active in karnatakaspider but eventually, that site is dying in hunger for content by members. Participate in the site is the key success which is present in ISC than any of the sister sites.
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