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    Need, greed and fear are the three factors that runs most of the business and humans

    Need, greed and fear are most common factor in most of humans and businesses. Usually, humans used to work to fulfill his basic needs of food, shelter, and home. Greed and fear factor were earlier too but when I tried to match it with business, then I found a lot many business that are run on these things only.

    Need-based business/sectors: Agriculture and allied services
    Greed-based: Drugs, betting, smuggling, etc.
    Fear-based: Insurance

    Now many more and most of the business and services can be categorized in these broad categories and few may not fall in them. Now, even need-based business are manipulated and adultration, use of chemicals, fake products and lot more things are done out of greed to earn quick money.

    Members can add what they think what business will fall under such categories and ofcourse humans run these business so they themselves are bound within these categories.
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    There are various needs of people and hence so many businesses catering to each need. But I am unable to understand this Greed-based business mentioned in the thread. How drugs, betting or smuggling can be termed as businesses? Though there are many associated with such things, these are crimes. If any person is found to be a drug peddler, a smuggler or involved in some form of betting she/he is punished according to law. The greed for easy money is one of the reasons for the involvement of people into such illegal activities but in no way these activities can be categorised as some form of business. Because of greed, people tend to adulterate food which is mentioned in the latter part of the thread and I would say our need is the factor for which others are getting a chance for doing business. If there is no need there won't be any business. The problem starts when this need turns into greed and people start doing things which they are not supposed to do.

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    Need , greed and fear are interrelated to human being and the businessman. For us there is a constant need for products and services and we expect good quality at the reasonable rates. For businessman he wants a continued and guarantee customer who can trust on him and the products or services and thus he become famous over the period of time. The greed for the businessman is to earn more even though the customer would not allow him to earn more than required. Moreover over both of them fear for cut in relations when they ask for more. In this regard I wish to mention the rise and fall and exit of great businessman Vasanth Kumar of Vasanth and Co who died of corona virus and we know how he started and developed the business sheer through personal bonding with the customer and today the company is the top south distributor for appliances and products.
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    These issues are mainly due to the greed of the business people who want to make huge profits and quick money. They are no business ethics from them. Their ultimate is to make money. Corrupt officers and politicians are helping such business people as they may get a good amount of many as kickbacks. These days eatables that are sold in the market are also adulterated. Stone pieces are added in rice. Some amount of water is injected into the milk packet and an equal amount of milk is removed and they make money by selling that milk separately. Like this, we see adulteration in almost all the items that are sold.
    But some small business persons do business sincerely and they will earn their livelihood by selling those products. I feel the businesses mentioned under the Greed based business are the businesses conducted by some people to get easy money from the people who got addicted to unwanted habits. Here the selling people doing business with greed to earn quick easy money.

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