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    Are we humans truly socialists ?

    Many such thinkers have also been born who believe that the collective interest is not served by the interests of the people, but the interest of the society is achieved by serving the personal interest. The nature of a person is such that when he does social work, he loses or steals, but in his personal work he puts his whole mind and full skill. Therefore the government should do the least amount of work and most of the work should be left to entrepreneurial individuals or their business groups.When we get from our experience that man is not properly social, then how can he be socialist?
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    The author has touched a important issue through this post and it need to be discussed. When we do personal things or do the office work, we are sincere and dedicate our most sincere time and energy to achieve the task and even save the money for the organisation. But at the same time we show laxity and even want to charge our presence for a social cause when we were delegated some responsibility. In our colony association, the secretary takes lots of interest to work for the colony welfare and we keep on trusting him and elected again and again. But when closely observed the accounts and expenditure. when ever he gone for the personal visits of the home, he charged the expenses from the colony fund and of course brought some thing to the society requirement too. His intelligent way of doing things for personal and society has really baffled us but we ignored.
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    People think the works related to society are not helpful to them. But those works are helpful to them also. But they never recognise that. They concentrate more on their gains. Such people again will have back up from Politicians and bureaucrats. They will become a group and swallow public money. That way I feel such works should be outsourced to corporate so that they will do the work in a better way and see that the quality is maintained. Such works should not be taken up government or should not be given to individuals who are kith and kin of some Minister or MLA or MP. The corporate may take some profit but the quality of the work will be good.
    People who talk about will talk about Socialism to all expect their family. They feel that they should be on top of all and others should be at the same level and that should be less than their family's level.

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