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    The importance of the newspaper left behind the fear of Corona

    News paper has an important place in our life. The day starts with the news paper itself. If you do not get the news paper while drinking tea in the morning, then you do not enjoy drinking tea. But today, where the whole world is scared of corona, its effect has also come on the newspapers.
    Apart from the Central Government and World Health Organizations, many doctors have also said that there is no such danger from this. To cut these rumors, many newspapers claimed to sprinkle sanitizer on them during the printing of newspapers and videos of it were also posted on social media. But despite this, the newspapers are seen coming under the grip of Corona virus. The condition is that the distribution of newspapers is closed in most cities, all have requested the readers to run digital editions. But the situation is back to normal and people have to take newspapers. Newspaper is an important part of our life. Do not separate it from yourself.

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    The author is correct. Many people discontinued purchasing newspaper with a fear of COVID19 and they are going through the digital newspaper. I used to purchase a daily newspaper but from June 2020, I stopped purchasing the same due to fear of Corona. My father in our native place also stopped the same. Like this many people stopped purchasing a hard copy of the newspaper.
    But I have the habit of reading hardcopy of the newspapers from my childhood. So I am not getting the satisfaction of reading the newspaper on the laptop. I have to go back to hard copy. I may wait for another 1 or 2 months and then decide.
    It is true that many people told that through paper corona will not spread but my wife and my sons say it is better to avoid as much as possible and hence I am not purchasing as of now. Let me wait for some more time.

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    The author has shared the challenges having faced by the newspapers during the corona pandemic and how the avid news readers were denied of their choice papers in garb of corona and virus affecting through paper spread. Though the rumor was totally baseless and even proved by big organizations, it was the fact that the elders who used to read the newspapers for hours together were instead seeing the television news instead of having a paper on hand. During the pandemic the Times of India which used to have so many pull outs and the total paper would even cross 50 pages was reduced to 10 or 12 pages with no or minimal ads. The news papers could not earn through the corona virus and still they are unable to maintain the costs. Now the situation has improved and new normal situation is being faced.
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    A change is a continuous process which has to be accepted by every industry. Newspapers are printed every day in bulk number but while the lockdown was on, a few preferred to read online. The material so printed was less of advertisement and more of corona related issues within the state. Articles related to immunity was on the flow. Even though the circulation was limited it was not stopped. Newspapers came back to form so friends when are we going to start our normal life is still a dilemma?
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