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    News paper helped me in a great way

    Normally I used to buy books at the boarding place itself while travelling. Once I went to Trichy on with my wife for temples. She asked me to take her to one village temple near Trichy, Siruvaachur famous for Madurakaliamman Temple. As I never heard about the temple, I enquired in the reception of the hotel where we stayed about the temple and way to proceed there. The reception person advised me to go on next day that too in the morning itself as the next day was some special day for the Amman and there may be crowd in the temple. Accordingly we proceed to the temple by catching bus in the early morning. As my wife normally intends to take some flowers and fruits when going to temples, I bought some fruits and flowers and on some intuition I bought that day morning newspaper which was not my habit normally. We board in the bus as there was three person seat, a person board in the next stop and sat by my side. He asked me the paper to scan. On completion he handed over the paper to me and asked me where I was going. Casually I told him the matter and asked him to alert when the stopping for temple come. He explained the way to temple after getting down and guide me to meet a person at a big house on the way to the temple by telling I am coming on VAO's instruction. Further he told me that he was the VAO for that area. As he guided I approached and got a unexpected help for a super darshan in the Temple. On that day the temple found with a huge crowd and if the help was not there, we would not have a darshan. A newspaper helped us on that day like this.
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    Newspaper serve us in great deal and the author has shared the different level of newspaper information leading to the visit of a temple and having darshan. Some times meeting the people inside the public transport also leads to big help and the author has well connected his personal experience on this. In a crowded places like temple the local leaders play the important role in getting the access to the easy darshan of the God and the author has been surely benefited from that recommendation which all started with a newspaper. We all know newspaper provides us knowledge but now came to know that it does more.
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    The Goddess sent that VAO to help you only. As you have good intentions to visit the Goddess, She helped and arranged a grand darshan to you. That is an excellent opportunity you got.
    The newspaper will help many people in many ways. But it helped you in a different way to you. Newspapers gives us the various development in various field and by reading the same we will get updated with the latest information.
    One day I was going through a newspaper and a small news item attracted my attention which is a news item giving the death of a lecturer working in a college. I have seen the name as that village where that college is known to me and that particular lecturer is found to be our relative with the same surname. I informed my father and we all had head baths as 10 days passed after his death.

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    Yes, Newspapers are important for everyone. It helps us to know about all kinds of activities around our location as well as national and international level.
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    You have presented the usefulness of the newspaper in a very simple but unique way that it made you to become friendly with a person who was incidentally an influential person and had helped you in the temple darshan. Long back, before the internet used to be in our palms, my brother was going for getting admission in a management college and on the route bought a newspaper to read. That day the result of the engineering exam was announced and as he saw his name there he immediately got down at the next big town and came back to arrange for going to the engineering college. He told that the newspaper helped him to save 1-2 days of that unnecessary visit to the management school.
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    True, newspaper is very helpful in our life. The newspaper is spread all over the world, so that people get information about the events that happen in different places. Due to this, many people also get many types of information such as writing essays, new recruitment, competitions, jobs, business and other information. At the present time it is difficult to imagine without a newspaper, when the news letter was originated, only news related information was available, but now it is not as if it has become a part of entertainment as well, Suduko, puzzles, tell the difference and stories and games are also available, which entertains us. In today's time, there is no newspaper due to the arrival of smart phones, T.V. It is very wrong that we are slowly being deprived of our antiquity, so we should read newspapers regularly and this is very good thing, with the information we increase the intensity of our reading.
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    Travellers usually preferred to share a newspaper on the journey. Especially the local newspaper would grasp the attention. I have noticed that each one of them shared the double sheet newspaper and trued to not only glance but also read through until they reached their destination. These days after the smartphone and 4G /5G with best data packages and network people always try to hang on their mobiles and would avoid talking to strangers on the bus, train while travelling. Maybe if this situation was faced by the author he could struggle to reach as well get the blessings so happily.
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