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    Is Google full of information or full of confusion.

    In today's time of information explosion, when we look for answers to some questions on the web, we are bombarded/presented with so much information that many a times we actually get confused.
    So, in short, to determine which information is correct and which is not becomes a daunting task online.
    For example, if I look for a good restaurant near me on Google, we get results of all the eating joints nearby but most of them have got good ratings. It is not possible that all the restaurants are equally good. We get reviews of people who have visited the place and liked the food but many times fake reviews are also posted for sake of improving the ratings on Google search.

    Now to decide on the best option is only possible by actually going to the place and tasting the food there and then deciding.

    There may be numerous other examples but, has any member faced such issue while trying to get information from Google and got confused.
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    Google is doing its duty. It is a search engine and gives you all postings in which your search words are there, But if the people are not giving a proper rating for that, we can't make Google responsible I feel. We should feel the responsibility and we should give our genuine response. Otherwise, we are unnecessarily misleading somebody else. This is not correct. Another point to be noticed is the keywords we give. Instead of giving good restaurant if we give top restaurants in so and so place, we may get different search results, I feel.
    Google search engine will give you the information. But the reliability of the same is not confirmed by them. The responsibility will be with the authors or the persons who are giving that rating.
    Some times I also experienced this type of confusions with google search results. Google search engines are Robo which will do the work as per the design and have no brain of its own. Humans will have brains and they have to use it properly.

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    Google is doing a job of presenting the data in front of us from a large volume of it available in internet at various places in various servers. It has its own storage also from where it can fetch data which might not be available anywhere. They are very good in that work and their data fetching algorithm and softwares managing that massive searching, assimilating, sorting, and selecting the best to present on first page is praiseworthy. They are definitely a world class company and many sites are revamping their SEO and other requisites to the ways of Google. Now while doing so, sometimes some junk would also come from nowhere to us on the first page itself and we get confused and can be mislead sometimes. So, we also have to bookmark the good sites and filter out the dubious ones and have a cautious approach even using Google. Today hackers and other miscreants are everywhere in internet to create confusion and take advantage out of that.
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    What the Google has is the information submitted by the people around the world and that is not documented or authenticated. If I review a hotel nearby my residence even though the taste was worst the Google data base says super and very good. There are some restaurants which ask their own employee to rate their services and food as good and this way the Google has been fooled and we are at loss. Though technical information from Google can always be vouched and trusted, the general information is totally based on the feed back of people which may vary in many case and it is left to our choice. What I feel that Google would be showing you the plate and the food placed on the buffet table. it is you who are going to taste and try those food and if you like it pass good comments and eat more, if the food is bad then get away without rave remarks.
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    Internally, Google represents the web as a very large set of documents. Each document shows one or more web pages. These pages are similar or very similar, but they have similar content that can be accessed from different URLs. Different URLs of a document can be taken to the same page. If we talk about any rating, whether it is from a restaurant or hotels or any other products, all these ratings are given by the general people on the basis of which Google gives a fix rating. Internet world is very big and it is natural to be confused here, so without own experience we cannot tell whether the rating is fair or not and then it includes everyone's own choice and comfort zone.
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    This is good intiatives taken by the author to spread awareness. I agree with all the statements made in the thread. It's with due respect to the author, I want to add something more to the thread.
    First of all, we must all be conscious. Indeed there's a huge chunk of information available online on the internet but we must only circulate those information and opinions which are articulate. Spreading false or fake news will do good to none.
    Act as responsible human beings.
    Secondly, it's high time that we must be specific to what we need at a particular time. Many a times, I have witnessed people who make a long list and the list goes on and on. And when these certain section of people sit online and surf the web to find answers, there's a hell lot of perplexion and trouble. With all this comes anxiety and headache. So, make a small list and make sure to search to the point. Don't type in the search long sentences. Try to ommit unnecessary words. Keep your sentences short.
    Thirdly, there are certain apps and websites available where we can check the authenticity of the information.
    Last but not the least, as the author MENTIONED about the chunk of information popped up when we make a search. Well as a matter of fact, we can do nothing about it. But, we can spend few minutes and if you are an avid reader or have a good obseveravtion skill, it would save your time investment on the internet. Keep a birdeyeview and quickly take screenshots of the relevant information and later on, just eliminate the junk.

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    Google has lots of information but the confusion is on our minds only. Just think of the shopping malls selling dresses. At times, you may be confused to choose the correct one because you cannot decide to choose from a huge variety. This is similar in the case of Google too. You may get a lot of information but need to find out whether the websites, from where you are getting that information, is authentic or not. As for eating joints/restaurants, we can try in terms of rating rather giving the general term 'Good'. Another thing is because of smart mobile gadgets we wish to remain dependent on them heavily rather than asking people in a locality. I agree it is not always possible to talk to people in an unknown location because of the situation or language barrier, but if such barriers are not there then even we may ask the cab driver, in which we are travelling, to know something about a place.

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