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    What we desire and what we get, there is always an imbalance.

    We desire a lot of things in our life but it is not always possible to get everything we desire. Even if we achieve what we desire, then we aspire for more. Human desires ends with the end of this life only.
    So, if we achieve this clarity within us then, the pangs of success and failure, achieving and losing, profit and loss, all will subside and there will not be any sadness among people.

    The question is, how to achieve this clarity.
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    To achieve that clarity one should shed all his desires and concentrate on his inner soul. We should know that there is no end to our desires. We should not look at others and we should not start comparing ourselves with others. We should learn from the lives of great Saints like Rama Krishna Parramahasa etc and we should be happy with what we have. These worldly matters are valuable to us as long as we have our soul in this body. Once the soul sheds this body, there will not be any value for the body. We should always remember this fact. Then you will not find any difference between success or failure and you will feel content with what you have. But realising these facts is never easy, Only saints we detach themselves from these worldly relations and attachments can achieve this.
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    There can be no end to the desire because in the same way as time always goes on, human beings wake up to a new desire in the mind. According to the time, human demand also changes till tomorrow we wanted to get something else and got it but in future we want something new which is also natural. Many times, some new wishes are related to the old wishes or can be said that they have a new version of old one. We are human who have many emotions which is directly related with our desires. According to me, desires cannot easily go away, but if humans want to control their minds with the help of spirituality, then they can control those desires or if those desires are not met then we can also learn the art of understanding ourselves.
    Swati Sharma

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    It is true that we cannot fulfil all our desires but when we aim high with concentration and effort , we are sure to get success. We have to be satisfied with that success itself.
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