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    Can work from home arrangements create problems in people?

    There are reports of nervous breakdown of IT professionals. There are people who have already started complaining that it does mean quite a lot in terms of adjusting to a new normal. They really miss the joys of socialization and caring and sharing. This is just not possible anymore and since it is going to be at least six months before a vaccine hits the Indian markets, every single employee is now facing the problem of being glued to their houses for a very long time.

    Are we now seeing a new but uncomfortable new normal? What can be done to tackle the psychological problems in various employees, more so, those in the IT sector? What solutions can be thought of in both the short term and long term?
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    My two sons are in IT companies and they are working from home from Macrh25th, 2020. I am observing them very closely and felt that their workload increased a lot. They start at 9 AM and when the will be offline is not known. There is no correct break for lunch. Oneday they will come at 1 PM and the next day they will come at 3 PM. While eating there will be a call and they have to attend. They will not be free before 11 PM. Many times they feel exhausted. When they are going regularly to the office, in between one day or two days they are opting for work from home. Those times are different. But now it is completely different.
    There should be a discipline in all the employees that they should stick to the timings unless otherwise there is an emergency. For silly and small reasons one should not disturb the other employee. Another issue is planning. The works should be planned in such a way that they complete the works within the official hours but not after office hours.

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    When we go to office, we feel that you are working. We know how important a meeting is or the importance of a seminar. But remote work tells you that you work in and out of your office, we also live a social life by going to office, working from home causes some problems such as the most important is proper broad connection and due to lack of proper internet , the speed of work is also decreases, and the boss expects that if working from home, more production should be given by the employee, due to all this, the work load increases. But at present, keeping in mind the safety of everyone's health, the option of work from home is the right choice.
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    Work from home is more exhausting for most of the people working in different sectors including IT employees, teachers, etc. My husband is in an IT company and working from home since mid of March 2020. Initially, it was all good as he was finding it relaxing to work from home that was saving his good 2-3 hours of traveling. But now, there is a lot of work and no fixed time for work. When he was working from the office, he used to have a prebooked cab for pick up and drop so, the discipline was followed but now many times he even works for 18 hours a day. Secondly, he can't even ask for off as he does not have any convincing reason as he cannot go for a trip in the current scenario and if you have a mild illness, as per the managers, you can work from home in that case.
    The same situation is with the teachers also. Earlier, they were teaching on board and monitoring the students closely. Now, they need to prepare the ppts for every class, then to monitor the kids on the screen which is not at all satisfactory.
    Even the housewives who are permanently working from home/ working for home are also completely exhausted. Now they do not find any free time to themselves. So this new normal is really difficult to be adopted by all for a longer period of time.


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    I do understand that work from home is not that easy as thought by many. In fact the responsibility is more and even wide when the work from home is started. The sync between the company desk and the employee should be right, there cannot be breaks has happened in the company, there cannot be meeting offline or personally during the breaks and the lunch is taken alone and not with all employees. So the connection of personal touch with other employees is surely missing and some are getting mad because they want to personally meet and hug. All these are not possible and the employees are cursing the present arrangement of work from home. In fact my sister's daughter is working more in the present circumstances and when ever we go there, she is not in talking terms and just a gesture.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A lot many changes have been made due to the pandemic. Life is changing and with the passage of time, the patterns in the mind to comprehend the meaning of our existence is gradually making a wide move. This is not the time to lament over loss or misery but the best we can do is to move forward in life by focusing on the brighter side. This is not the time to make huge amount of hue and cry but make a optimistic move. Problem is not the problem but the main thing se must focus is on our own attitude towards the problem in life.
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    For a few days it might be ok to work from home but on a longer run it could have some psychological problems also due to long confinements in home and taking no break to go out in the open natural environment. We miss our colleagues and friends also as there is no physical meetings with them. We have to wait and see how the professionals are going to cope up with this monotonous situation of staying in home all the time.
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    It is true that the workload has doubled but employees are mainly worried because they are not able to share their joys and sorrows so as to speak openly to their friends or colleagues with whom they felt would maintain their personal secrets within themselves. When we speak to someone related to our problems we feel better. The laughs are the most important stress relievers which are missing at home as everyone is busy with smartphones and laptops.
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    Having sensed the fatigue attitude of their employees some IT companies are now sending special gift packs for the targeted employees whose performance was good and superlative during the new normal situation and they are getting lots of chocolates, wafers, dry fruits, besides sanitizers and other necessities from the company. This way the companies want to earn good name but at the same time the work load has been increased tremendously. The companies are asking the camera be kept on during the work from home timing and thus there is no scope for doing the house hold works.
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    In fact, work from home in discharging the duties of an IT firm is exhaustive and for which there is no appreciation from the side of the boss. There are other impediments as well in course of doing the jobs allocated to an employee. Slow speed of Internet connection, frequent disturbance created by the infants and kids living in the surroundings. In case you bolt the door within inside, they will frequently chase up you calling papa, we are here, don't forget us. If you unlock the door, they wouldn't not allow you to do your job either. There is no free time for them from 9 am to 11 pm in any day and even if you are off the computer for the time being due to your lunch which is being taken hurriedly, you may be intercepted by your boss for some explanation. In nut shell, such an involvement in the IT job might create mental breakdown if you are not strong enough from within.

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    "Don't make a noise. I will be in a meeting."
    "Mom, Don't operate the mixie. I am disturbed."
    "Mom, I told you not to cook now. The pressure cooker will make a noise".
    "Dad, Please shut the door. I am getting disturbed."
    "Dad, Check the internet connection. I am not getting anything."
    "Mom, Don't wash the vessels now. The water is making noise."
    "Mom, Switch off the TV. Watch the serial when I say so."
    "Mom, Take care of these kids. Lock them inside the room."

    The above are the words I hear daily. Morethan the person working from home, the people at home are disturbed, and their freedom to work is affected.

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