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    Newspaper have become more of advertisement than just news

    News paper have been and still an integral part of our daily life and are the most reliable source of information since ages. Not only the shelf life of news in newspaper is more but also there is no pomp and show involved. A lot of new means of news have evolved and we get news in an instant but, the fun and satisfaction of reading a newspaper is much more than watching news on television or on the internet.

    For these newspaper to survive advertisements play an important role but what is noticed that the advertisement now have almost hijacked the newspaper and there are more advertisements than news. Even we get sponsored articles/advertorial in the newspaper and many a time it becomes hard to differentiate between an sponsored artilce and non-sponsored news. I have noticed in one of the leading daily where there is a disclaimer like this " *Some of the stories on this page are sponsored" but they do not identify which one.

    Even the newspaper now come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes the very first page is either half and sometimes two pages folded in one. Even the weight of newspaper makes you feel that it is almost 1 kg of paper.

    What do members feel about this and what are their experience with daily newspaper they read.
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    It is a source of income for the newspaper companies as they were also facing tuff time with only six pages of just corona news. Now, when are able to get some income through advertisements, they would want to go for it. There are a few other news related to the education system and how individuals and communities are sharing the burden to help the people in need. We have to give them some time to establish, there is n other go.
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    The main objective of the newspaper was to spread the news to the general public but slowly people started advertising in it, initially the purpose of the advertisements was only awareness so that the advertisement could be reached to everyone but in today's time many people are misusing it. Nowadays, there are some brands that have made communication letters a medium for promotion of their business. It seems right to do the necessary advertisements, but when the advertisements are given more importance than the news, then it is wrong, such as it is wrong to print the entire big photo for the advertisement on a page and give the necessary news in a small block. According to the times, many newspapers today are becoming the medium for promotion of only a few political parties and some big private companies, it is not right to ignore the real purpose of the newspaper in this way.
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    The price of a newspaper is so less that no newspaper company can survive on that small amount. Only source of revenue for them is advertisement and they are trying to accommodate as many as possible within the few pages of it. It is not that earlier advertisements were not there. They were very well there at that time also but the percentage coverage of advertiseent was less.
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    The companies which are in the newspaper industry survive based on the income they are getting through advertisements only. What we pay for the newspaper is much less than the cost they are incurring. So they have to allocate more pages for advertisements. More advertisements mean more money and more income and more profits. Companies will give advertisements for various newspapers based on the circulation number. So the newspaper will give the paper at a low cost and all the papers will go with a uniform price. But the advertisement cost will vary from paper to per.
    These days we are able to get the news immediately and we need not wait for the next day morning and we can see the latest news on various websites. So the charm in waiting for the newspaper is not there these days. Only old-timers wait for the newspaper.

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    Reading newspapers is the craze of senior citizens and reading online for youngsters. There are nominal fees for getting online newspapers too but some provide free access related to a few sections of the paper. Besides advertisements the tenders, admission news also get a place to build up the knowledge to readers and income to advertisers.
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