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    Cab Services in metro regions demand a fare hike

    Recently cab services like Ola and Uber have started demanding a fare hike. They're also planning on going on strike in the metro regions. Is this fair amidst the pandemic situation not to mention economic slowdown that we're experiencing.
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    They have struggled during the lockdown period dir their basic necessities and besides that the petrol.abd diesel rates have gone up. Hence they expect revised rates.
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    Corona has also engulfed the country's auto industry. Not only this, people have stopped coming out of the house due to fear of this dangerous virus, work from home has also been implemented in India. But still many people have to get out of office or other work or travel. The drivers who are driving the car on lease from companies from Ola and Uber have to deposit the money from their pocket. In view of such circumstances, the demand for increasing their rent can be considered to be right to some extent, the effect of economic decline is happening in every region and it is very important that everyone should support each other because every area is connected to each other. Strike is not the the best option to fulfilling demands , but other organisations and government should think about them and help them as much as can in any of the way.
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    When the situations is going to be near normal soon to the old glory, surely there would be bounce back of life and activity assured for every sector and even the transport sector. The strike of Ola and Ober drivers for the fare hike is not reasonable. What I feel that the companies has been giving less to the drivers though high fare is being charged. Probably what I presume that the commission on every deal is charged more by these companies where as the drivers are exposed to more risk of life and thus they have initiated strike. Instead of demanding the fare hike surely every Ola and Uber driver would be give extra than fare charged out of good humanitarian approach from the passengers at the point of exit and therefore the drivers should not demand more and left to the thinking process of the passengers who are bound to help them.
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    For the drivers of such app cabs, there was no income during the lockdown period. The situation is not normal now and it is difficult to predict when things will be normal. Another thing is the regular increase in the prices of fuel. All these things have complicated the situation and since the payment/share of the drivers of app cabs, for each ride, has not revised by the companies providing the services, the drivers are demanding a hike in the fare. It is also true that many people throughout the country are feeling the pinch since their income has come down because of the pandemic situation and many have lost jobs this demand of fare hike may seem unjustified. We cannot force the companies also to pay the driver more because the income/profit has reduced to a great extent. Instead of demanding a general fare hike, a fare hike for longer rides can be thought of so that the regular commuters do not feel that extra pinch.

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    Many people purchased cars on loan from banks and started earning on that car by hiring it to Ola or Uber and driving themselves under these two companies. They have to repay the instalment and they have to maintain their family. But due to this COVID 19, all of them struggled a lot and even now also there is no much demand for them as many people are not going out and many people who are going out are also not preferring these cab services. So they are struggling and the instalments are getting piled up. In addition to that, the fuel rates increased. All these issues might have forced them to demand a hike I feel.
    At the same time, the users are also in problem and their income levels are also less and paying more may be difficult for them. We have to wait for the COVID effect to come down and normalcy has to come back in all aspects. Then only all the problems may get resolved.

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    Such demands are only justifiable if there is rise in prices of many other things also that is if the inflationary trends are high. Otherwise we should not agree to it and start hiring the normal taxis which are also waiting for the customers. The model on which the Uber and Ola are based is different and has much margin than the normal taxis. So they cannot ask for a raise. If some expert committee goes through it then only actual situation can be known. After that only they should be allowed for some marginal rise and not arbitrarily. What is the role of Govt in that is also to be seen.
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