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    Should places of worship be reopened for the general public

    Hello members, recently the government has planned to open the religious places of worship. Do you think this a right decision, especially in areas where the number of cases afflicted are high. What do you think?
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    Religious places of worship can be opened in none affected areas. The number of pilgrims can be restricted at the entrance itself. This will give a chance for the people to move into public places slowly as well a sense of peace and comfort. Some day we have to start involving ourselves back into regular life. How long can we stay at home? The normal life has to start.
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    Opening of places of worship remains a big question because on the one hand there is a question of reverence and devotion of the people, on the other side it is a hybrid and fear of Corona. The world has now agreed that we will have to live a normal life again with this epidemic for some time as no proper solution has yet been found. In such a situation, closing the temple etc. is not right, but people should be aware of how to maintain coordination between their devotion and safety. Management in places of worship should be appropriate, following the instructions given by the World Health Organization and other doctors, all will be appropriate. There should be a system of screening test etc. of the devotees, in addition to this, whoever considers infected suspects should not be given admission in the temples, etc. Keeping in mind the things that should be done, the general people should enter the temple.
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    The places of worship need to be opened because at least one can spend few minutes in front of the God seeking the divine intervention to end the pandemic soon as possible as we cannot live with the virus for long and there need to be need card. There is no eateries, there is no parks, there is no gym and there is no super mall and all these are making the people going mad and at least if the places of worship are kept open there would be soothing activity for the people. There can be set rules and regulations in each temple to which they need follow. For example I used to visit the ISKCON temple at Abids in Hyderabad often but for the past few days it was closed and had darshan from the road. Now they opened the temple for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening but no religious activities.
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    The places of worship were already opened in July itself. The devotees going there will be thermally screened and allowed. No special Poojas. No Prasadam. No Theertam in Hindu temples. People can go and have the Darshan and come back. Near my house, there is a Balaji temple and I have visited twice or thrice during these two months. This is the procedure that is being adopted in that temple. I hope in other temples also the same system is followed. A very few devotees are only visiting these places and the social distance is followed very religiously. So there are no reports of virus cases because of visits to this place. I hope the same practice will be continued for some more days and then go for full opening of temples like earlier days I feel. But people offering their Prayers and Poojas from home only.
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    Religious people would definitely like the opening of the religious places like temples, mosques etc. They go there with faith and making wishes and it is a great engagement for many of them. Only problem is people do not abide by the social distancing and things like that which are very much essential to contain the virus at this point of time itself otherwise it would become more and more difficult to control it at a later time when it spreads in a big way and our medical infrastructure would not be able to withstand that much load of the affected patients.
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    Wherever there is a crowd, people have to be careful. One among them is the temple where some special poojas are conducted quite often and the prasadam being distributed to all. Now, these special poojas can be without people too, they can perform the pooja and send recorded images to the mobiles like as students are studying through smartphone if need be. The number of people entering the temple should be given a correct check, so that limited people are seen within the premises.
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