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    A movie that creeped you out in your childhood

    Please share a movie that creeped you out during your childhood. And you had nightmares thereafter for a long time, just remembering the scenes or scene play out.
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    I really do not remember the film name but I can share my experience. It was an English movie which we entered in the interval. It was such a horror movie that I could not sleep for two to three days. I and my friend saw this movie when we were in our teenage. It was a nightmare actually, later after four years I saw the English movie.
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    It is a very interesting thread, I do not remember my childhood, but the last picture that made me cry was Taare Jameen Par. I had seen this movie in the cinema hall, initially the movie comedy was more understandable, but as the movie progressed and its emotional part started, my tears started coming and especially when the younger child who is only 8 years old It was forcefully sent to the hostel, then I felt emotional so much as if I have to go away from home, that scene makes me emotional even today. I don't know if you have seen that movie or not. I would like to tell you this movie gives a big message to the society about the education of a child, that every child has his own specialty and we should take care of them and guide the child properly, not ignore their problems.
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    There were few good English movies of those times which has captured my childhood imagination and in fact captured the hearts of many even elders of those time. I am talking about Sound of Music movie which has brought total change in many children after watching the move. There was a movie called Exorcist which was a totally horror film and many children feared a lot after watching that movie. But the most fantastic movie of those days was the Meccanas Gold which was well pictured , beautiful locales and a treat to watch the actors giving 100 percent performance to their roles.
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    I remember a Hindi movie " Bees Saal Baad", for which I bunked my afternoon class. It was a ghost movie. The music of the ghost song still lingers in my mind. And I was caught by my father for bunking the class and was scolded and beaten up. A film and day I cannot forget in my life. That was the first Hindi movie I watched in my life.
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    There are very good old movies and they will have a good storyline and good actors. I remember a movie in Telugu by name Pampam Pasivadu. The only child of a rich wife and husband was kidnapped by the uncle of that kid and tried to get some quick money from his parents. The parents are worried. But the boy gave a miss to his abductors and he found himself in a desert. He doesn't have any money for eating also. Because his father is a rich and well-known person, the police took a lot of interest and finally able to trace his whereabouts and able to hand over him back to his parents. Those days this movie was a hit and made good collections. The story is good and the actors performed well. The movies came almost 50 years back but still, I remember that movie.
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    I also had the same experience. I can't remember the movie name. But it was a ghost related movie as I remember. I see that one in the deep night. Though there were other people as well. But when I came to my house for sleeping I feared a lot. Because I need to sleep alone without any company or brothers.

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    In the hostel, we were allowed to have desktops in our rooms and all the laptops were connected through LAN. We used to take the movies from other's computers. I still remember the day when we chose to watch "The Ring" movie. It is a horror movie and we were watching it in dark (the lights were switched off intentionally). We got so much scared that nobody was ready to go alone outside the room, not even for drinking water or to use the washroom.

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    We had seen many movies during our school days and one particularly that I remember is Bees Saal Baad and its scenes and songs were haunting my mind for quite some time. Another was Gumnaam but it was not so scary as that of Bees Saal Baad.
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    There are many but I do not remember them now. One of them Bhoot Bangla was very eerie and if I remember some of us came out of the hall but were pursued back by our family members telling that we have to be brave and face these things even in our real lives. Anyway that time we were children and our age was like that only but even today I somehow do not like to see the horror or creepy movies. I have no taste for them.
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