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    Contempt of court just one rupee worth

    The decision of Supreme court to levy just one rupee as the punishment to noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan in his contempt case for abusing the SC and judges has become a mockery as the worth of the Court and judge was demeaned so low. Social media was trolling the SC for this funny kind of judgement as it is nothing but letting that person go without any harsh punishment. When the court reserved the judgement, we thought a big fine or punishment was in the offing but everything fizzled out and the Court has become the focus of trolling for the public. Any comments?
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    I somehow see this in another way of making a mockery of the person who had abused the judges and the Apex court. Actually the Supreme Court was in catch 22 situation and by fining the culprit heavily it would have invited more and more curse and bad name for itself as these people already have a big lobby who are dominating the newspaper, social media and other professional circles.
    As soon as the case was taken up for contempt, this lobby started its own campaign and making hue and cry that freedom of speech is in danger. If the person gets punished then it will be a black day and what not.

    By punishing him with fine of Rs. 1 court actually proved 2 things :
    1. He is guilty
    2. His comments are not worth more than a rupee.

    Court actually served two purpose, first of proving and punishing Mr. Prashant Bhushan as guilty as well as saved itself from big backlash that could have followed if he would have been punished heavily.

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    This is an internal family matter(the family of the judiciary) which has become public. Now they squashed it with a punishment of one rupee fine. It is good that they awarded a fine, and Bhushan accepted it. Now the problem is over. Both the judges and Bhusan can resume their normal duty without any further worry in the judiciary.

    Now the question is - Will a common man also be punished with Rs. 1/- as fine if they happened to abuse someone claiming freedom of speech?.

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    This is some kind of practical joke in my view. I wonder if the lawyer in question was not a famous person like Prashant Bhushan and any other lawyer in his /her early days of career, then also the decision of the Honorable Court would have been same? or different?
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    I agree with Chaurasia. With this judgement proved the two things mentioned by him. Another important thing is the court has given him another choice also which is 3 months imprisonment and a three-year disbarment from the legal profession. If he is not paying the fine of Rs1/- by September 15th, the second option will be imposed. There is no further chance for him to go for a petition again. To avoid the second punishment he accepted to pay the fine which he indicates that he has accepted that he is guilty. The Judges felt that his conduct reflects adamance and ego and these qualities are not good in a noble profession
    Prashant Bhushan a sixty-three years old lawyer fought for many good public causes. But as a lawyer, he should not abuse or slander the institution in which he works Law is above all and one must keep the ethics of Organisation in place always.

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    I agree with Chaurasia sir, the decision was well taken. Also SuN has raised an interesting question will the common man be levied the same amount for the same act. I'll open a new thread on this issue. It's actually a big question in itself. Justice cannot have double standards, it must be same for the rich and the poor.

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    This is a dual standard adopted by the court. What a fine of Rs. 1/- or three months imprisonment and 3 months debarment. Like Ryyu, I too ask - Will the court order a simple fine, alternatively, a big punishment like imprisonment to a person found guilty of such act committed like Bhushan?

    3 months imprisonment = Rs. 1/-. What a generous judgement by the judges of India! Judiciary has become a laughable stock now.

    If someone don't respect and obey the orders of the court, it would amount to contempt of court, and the same punishment is expected to be awarded.

    Or, is such punishment only for the lawyers who are booked for contempt of court?

    Now precedence has been set by the court to quote in the future.

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    Punishment is a punishment, so we have to abide by the rules and regulations of the court as well as respect its orders. Even a rupee has a great value which can be well known by the poor person who strives for a meal a day.
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    I do agree that punishment is a punishment. But equalling a punishment of 3 months imprisonment with one rupee fine is ridiculous. This should be followed for all irrespective of the rich or poor or lawyers or doctors or politicians for contempt of court cases filed in the courts from time to time.
    Why rupee one? why not One paise? One paise is the lowest denomination that is still valid.

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    Yes, I agree with your point of view too.
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    I heard about the token punishment earlier but witnessing it first time. Now the accused can boast among his friends and colleagues that SC had fined him minimum amount as he had not done some big mistake. It was only freedom of speech and things like that. So the accused would cash it in his own advantage and his reputation in the party and public would steep up. He may get more votes in next election.
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    Does the judiciary underestimating its own power or the people with strong back ground making it to do so?
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    Law is and should be equal for all but, that is only theoretically not practically.. When you ask that, will a common man be punished only Rs.1 for such contempt, the answer is 'NO'.
    Mr. Bhushan is no common man, no he is not, me and you are. For the same reason he has been let off with a fine which is more of a joke, but on him. Even if he would have been fined with lakhs of rupees or even crores, it would have meant nothing for him.

    So we must accept this fact and also remember that, law is equal for all but only theoretically and not practically. To make it even more simple, I will not be as strict to my own kith and kin than to other people for the same mistake. Sun has already said that, it's a family affair.
    Law does not apply to lawmakers and law enforcers, it applies to common man and common man only.

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    Well I would say that nothing was more humiliating for Prashant Bhushan than this but the point is that this personality had never accepted for his inappropriate remarks and stands on different issues including Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA and so I don't expect anything from this either and no matter what but again there will be many who will go on positioning him like a Robin Hood but a large segment of us now have a more rational purview on this decision of SC.

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