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    Adopt desi breed and stray dogs, how much feasible is it

    Our Prime Minister in his speech in Mann ki Baat ahs requested the nation to take a step towards adoption of desi/local breed of dogs at our homes and also adopt stray dogs if we live in society.
    Now the question arises as to how much feasible is this? Will people actually will give heed to his request or it will go waste.

    Few reason I see that people may not adopt local breed of dogs for following reasons:
    1. Most people adopt exotic or foreign breed dogs for pomp amd show and not because they care for them.
    2. Since local dogs have not been in focus for so long, so getting a proper trainer as well as trained dog is pretty difficult.
    3. People in general are not kind to local dogs but start to drool when they see some foreign breed or exotic dogs.

    I personally see that many people in my Society are after the life of stray dogs that live here. So many times I see guards charging after these dogs and many times beat them up very badly. But they are indifferent to the pet dogs brought by the flat owners. Even those with dogs chase these stary dogs when they come near their exotic dogs to play. It clearly shows that the dogs people keep is not out of love but only for showing off, safety also is not a concern.

    There is no doubt that dogs are the most loyal animal and a very good friend if we care for them. Dogs are also brave and courageous as they serve the Army, Police and Narcotics department for their quality.

    What opinion members hold to this, are they also indifferent to this request.
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    Adopting desi breed dogs is not that easy for those who are habituated to the foreign breed dogs as it is the prestige issue for some to boast of great breeds in front of the onlookers when they take them out for strolling. Moreover the foreign breed dogs would maintain the dignity and behave well and it would not mess up things inside the house or the outside the house. But there are seven desi dogs in front of my house and the owner cherishes them nurturing with Indian names and they also love to be with her without fuss. It seems desi dogs can also tried and tested as felt by our PM Modi and nurtured. And as regards to the stray dogs, we cannot mend their ways and at the most we can be cordial to them by offering food now and then because stray dogs cannot adjust to the ways and means of master diction.
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    Yes. Many people never like desi breed dogs and they may not prefer adopting them. Having a foreign breed dog as a pet dog is prestige to the people these days. So people will go for foreign dogs and they feel very happy to take that dog with them while going for their morning work. Many people feel it like an achievement.
    My wife's sister's family reside in a village. They have two pet dogs and both are desi breed dogs only. We such people very rarely. In our street in Hyderabad, there is a family who daily feeds desi breed dogs. So dogs will always stay there only. They create a lot of problem for the people going to that side.
    Even though we don't adopt any pets, we give the excess food that is available to the dogs that are roaming in our street once in a while. Desi dogs are to be brought of carefully and see that they will not go mix up with stray dogs on the road.

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    Local dogs are far better than the exotic ones in many respect. The most important point is safety and even the street dogs outside our colony bark and offend the visitors and vendors coming here in odd hours. It would be great help to the society if people adopt the street dogs. There is a wrong concept in the minds of the people that only the exotic dogs can be trained. Any dog can be trained with proper training.
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    Usually, exotic and desi dogs can be trained but it has to be adopted at a young age. It can be trained over a period of time but if we don't have one, it is always better to provide some food for them. Taking care can be by providing food regularly to desi dogs. Some desi dogs will also have skin infections, so we have to take care too.
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