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    Unity in the family contributes to the development of children.

    If all the members of a family work together with each other, then all of them will benefit from it. However if they impose each example on each other and try to apply their ideology and rules on each other they will never be happy.

    In addition to creating a stressful environment at home, which is particularly bad for children's development, such an approach would encourage outsiders to take advantage of the situation. If we look around, the families where people are respected and taken care of each other are happy.

    Children get a healthy environment which is necessary for their development and in such families adults also lead a healthy life. They depend on each other and take responsibility to fulfill all their duties with pleasure. On the other hand, families where people do not stand with each other and try to degrade others, increase complications not only their life but also their upcoming generations.
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    A combined family will be good if all the family members go together. All of them need not have the same thoughts and ideas. But if they can respect the thoughts and ideas of the other members of the family, the living will be very happy. Kids will enjoy their stay. Ours is a joint family only. My two sons are married and working in different IT companies and both of them are working from home. We all live together and we are leading a happy life. My two granddaughters are the centre of attraction. we all are happy and generally, there are no problems. We have a good understanding of each other.
    If such relations are maintained, the home will be happy home only. Otherwise, the experience will be different and people will go mad by living together. In such a case it is better to stay separately. At least once in a while we can met them and share out happiness with each other

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    I totally agree with the thread author that children will have a balanced emotional state of mind if the whole family is running peacefully. In my view if the elders in the family are engaged in continuous disputes the children are most likely to disrespect the family relationships. The young generations grown up in such difficult environment will seldom prove to be a emotionally balanced person in life.
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