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    How long someone should control their anger ?

    One moment's anger can destroy a person's life. It is not just a statement but it is a social reality that every human being should understand. If the debate or quarrel is with someone special, then the relationship deteriorates and if this situation arises with an unknown person, then the fear increases further.
    We are human beings and it is absolutely not possible for humans to remain passive or indifferent on everything, but sometimes the situation becomes such that it is good not to react, as if someone is getting into an argument with you. So you should remain calm during this time so that things do not go wrong.
    But if the person in front does not agree and he just has to fight, then he will continue to provoke us, in such a situation, the control of a person can not remains on himself. It is very hard to deal with those people who always ready to fight.
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    Anger is a normal human emotion but its does more damage to the person getting angry than the person on whom anger is expressed. A reasonable person who knows this will always avoid getting angry as by experience or by his own nature knows that anger is a form of energy that should be channelized rather than wasted on someone.

    Many people get angry very easily and that is somewhat natural to them but, many people manipulate this anger to their advantage by getting angry on others for fickle reasons and since most people avoid confrontation or fight, agree to the demands of person getting angry. So, if we see such type of person who gets angry again and again then it is very much possible that he/she is faking it.

    We should confront such people and make them understand that anger on each and every issue depicts a shortcoming in them as they have limited perception. If one is mature enough then he/she can easily judge and control his/ anger without much issue.

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    Recently I have initiated a thread on a topic related to anger. The Editors deleted the thread asking me not to repeat threads on the subjects which we were discussed recently. Probably the Editors did not see this thread.

    We, human beings, will have many emotions and anger is one such emotion. When we hear something we don't like or if we see something happening against our will and interest we will get upset and we will get angry on the person who is responsible for that. Anger is never good and it will have a very bad effect on our health. It will harm our Blood pressure and anxiety levels which can cause severe problems. So we all should control our anger.
    There are many ways to control our anger. When we feel angry we should divert our mind from that and start thinking about something else. Counting numbers or meditating or humming or keeping silent are some of the well-known ways to control the anger. By following any of the above technics we can control our anger. If we can control for some time the mind will coll down and we will forget about that issue we may become normal.

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    Anger is a part of emotions and we need to learn to control them in our lives. It is really difficult to judge the time frame as the conversation words spoken by another person should not provoke anger. If he or she knows us personally, they would try to speak softly but sometimes it just happens. Deep breathing and laughing exercises are the best ways to control anger but it also depends on various situations that we are placed in.
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    As long as the feeling of anger is there, one should control it. The tough task is to control anger in every situation. I think, by practice that can be achieved. Your intention should be to keep emotions under control and not be angry at any moment. Try to put yourself in place of the person to whom you are expressing your anger and think about how she/he might be feeling in those situations. Since you cannot control the activities of others, the best way is to control yourself. Analyze the situation which is forcing you somehow to become angry and think of the other ways to tackle those situations. The next time when you are in such a situation, apply those alternative ways. Meditation will help you a lot to stay calm. Most importantly, you should be willing to keep anger under control.

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    The fit of anger comes automatically in a person whether it affects him or his close associates. Two days back I was watching a Tamil serial in which the son in law have tiff with the debtor of the father in law place. FIL was not present when the debtor came and ask for money. When the mother in law pleads pardon by saying her husband was not there, then the debtor makes abusive language and also slanderous about the daughter present there. Having peeved by his remarks the son in law bounce on him and hit him badly to which the debtor lodges police complaint and police would beat the son in left and right. What I am trying to say here that son in law never visited the mother in law place to quarrel or show his muscular strength. The fit of anger that was induced by the debtor created him the beast at that time.
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    We tend to get angry when someone hurts of feelings and our loved ones than for other minor situations. It is necessary to control anger, as it may create havoc if you cannot hold on it. Repenting after a later point of time would be of no help to us. Care should be taken while speaking to higher, lower and subordinates in a working environment to keep up good social contacts.
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