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    Something happened that made me question the authenticity of RO water purifier

    I experienced a very strange thing in last week and it made me think very hard about the authenticity of RO water purifiers.
    I brought 5 plants last week from a nursery. 2 Basil plants, 1 Aloe Vera, 1 Curry tree and 1 Guduchi/Giloy. As all these plant are outdoor plants so I kept them in my baclony where I get ample sunlight. As I wanted to give the best of nutrition and water to these plants, I used RO purifier for watering them in the evening. Next morning what I saw that both Basil plant seemed almost dry and curry plant also seemed as if it will die within 24 hours.

    I got upset that I couldn't take care of these plants and they are dying in just one day. Next day I changed the water and used the normal tap water instead of the RO purifier water. To my amazement, all the plants became lively the very next day.

    I was happy but confused as to what happened, then again I repeated the same process after a week of watering then with RO purifier water and again the next day the plants seemed dry or almost dying. Again switched to tap water and they are lively again.

    Now, what I accidentally tried on plants has got me pondering over the quality of RO purifier water. Are they actually helping clean the water or on the contrary killing it. I and my family drink this water every day without fail and so does millions of families. Is it really worth to drink dead water, is it worth to pay these RO purifier companies so much money. Are these companies actually giving what they are promising in adverts. Are we being brainwashed into believing that we are drinking clean water from these RO purifiers.

    I am having a big doubt on these machines and want to know what other natural ways can be used to get pure drinking water.
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    RO water which comes out from your RO plant is pure only with no minerals or nutrients in it. So using only this water is of no use to plants and they will not get any energy making ingredients. When you are feeding RO water to plants you should support the plants with fertilisers. Then only the plants come up nicely. Otherwise, if you feed only tap water which is not having very high dissolved solids the plants will come up nicely.
    When we feed a plant with RO water alone and another Plant with tap water, definitely the plant which received tap water will go much better and strong than the other one.
    Pure RO water will not contain any dissolved solids which give required strength to the people who drink it. Some additional minerals are to be added to this water. That is why the name Mineral water came to the water that is supplied in bottles for drinking.
    You try feeding RO water and some NPK fertilisers to the plants. Definitely they will come up well.

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    Well, the RO water is highly purified as it passes through many layers of filtration. All sediments remain the filter of RO. Hence if you try watering the plants with this water, they wo'nt receive any nutrients. Likewise irrigating them with tap water or fresh lake water will cause them to remain stable and keep growing. I suppose the advice that Dr Rao has come up with is sufficient enough to solve your woes.

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    This was an interesting experiment. You could check some related discussions about RO water that came up in our forum and in the AE section via our search box.
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    It is indeed a good experiment. RO water and mineral water can be used only for drinking. Do not try on plants. You could also add a mixture of sand, red soil and compost in layers of your pots to give a better soil mixture filled with nutrients enabling the plants to grow. Placing it in a place where enough sunlight can penetrate gives plants energy to grow.
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    This is really an interesting experiment and if the water purifier is giving 'mineral less' water it could happen or there is some impurity which is not bad for humans but bad for the plants then also it could occur. We have discussed this many times in the Ask Experts section also and some valuable information is available there. Some of those things could be accessed through the following links. There are many but I have just selected a few relevant ones -

    Link 1.
    Link 2.
    Link 3.

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