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    India's urban unemployment rate increased by 10%

    Well the unemployment rate in our country is increasing rapidly in urban areas. This is a cause of serious concern. Especially for the youth of country, as they do not have a second source of income. Discuss what can be done so that we can reduce this alarming rate. According to current sources it is 10% and steadily increasing.
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    In villages, there are no jobs and hence people from these villages are migrating to urban areas so that they will have some way to earn money. That is why villagers are becoming thin and urban areas are getting thick. So we are seeing that more unemployment in the urban area.
    But on the whole, also the rate of unemployment is on raise. The population is increasing and more people getting qualified. But at the same rate, the jobs are not increasing. This is a real problem. This COVID 19 made many people in the urban area unemployed. Many people lost their jobs due to lockdowns and the financial position of many has become very bad.
    The younger generation should think of starting their own business and they should wait for a job to work under somebody. These days banks are coming forward to give loans to startups. One should use this facility and try to get the business started so that he will be his own boss.

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    I agree that COVID-19 has raised the unemployment rates in cities but in villages, there are a lot of people working on daily wages. They are employed every day now since it is the season for growing paddy in few parts of Karnataka. It is also noticed that many urban people are in turn moving to villages and getting involved in agricultural activities either for living or for passion.
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    Very true, unemployment has been increasing day by day due to pandemic corona virus. Many people lost their job. Urban area's condition is getting worse. People are returning to the village as they are jobless. In this situation, people should start their own business so that they become self-dependent. Unemployment has been seen more in urban areas compared to a rural area.

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    It is the fact that the country has been passing through the bad period post Covid 19 crisis and the youth who lost their regular jobs are unable to cope up and they joined the list of unemployed youth of the country. It is alarming that unemployment rate has touched 10 percent and that proves that in future even for single job opening , there would be wholesome competition even from the highest qualified persons. The central and state govt must draw new strategies to take as many as new recruitment for every department and see that most of the educated youth are appointed and those who have already served in varied departments for years together must be asked to leave and pave way for new youth employment. New ways and means of taking help of youth in every department should be explored now.
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    On the one hand, while the problem of unemployment and unsafe, unorganized employment is taking a sharp form, on the other hand there is a severe lack of public services in cities and the environment is also deteriorating. Can there be a solution to these problems together? This is possible through the Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme. Apprenticeship (helper or internship) work in highly educated unemployed youth public hospitals, schools, offices etc. Can get. Also, surveying the state of the environment and public services, they can also have their participation in written work and other monitoring and administrative work related to it. The government does youth development work from time to time through skill development schemes that many people are getting unemployed today due to Corona, but if all are positive and use this time in their own skill development, then it is possible soon the situation will be better.
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    Unemployment was already very high in our country and now it has increased to explosive stages. Unfortunately, our education is degree oriented and the students do not have any skill to do some work and start their own work or service. They wait endlessly for some vacancy in a private and Govt department and struggle to get it anyway. Even if there is some little self employment opportunity they would not go for it thinking it as a menial or low end job. In many countries few people opt for higher education and most of them just do some certificate or technical diploma course and start working. Of course, the difference is there as the remuneration is quite good in those countries even in menial jobs.

    Govt cannot hire just like that as to manage the salaries and manage them without job would be another problem. Industry can absorb a lot of people but they are also going for automated systems and robots to increase their efficiency and avoid the usual labour problems in industry when the number of employees is large and some politicians rise among them. So the workers have done a great harm to themselves by following the provoking leaders and in that process have lost their jobs.

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    The present situation of unemployment has risen dramatically due to the pandemic situation and the unemployed youths especially in the villages struggle hard to be absorbed either in the manrega scheme launched to benifit the poor section of the people or any constructional activities with they were occupied prior to shifting of the village and lockdown in the city snatched their jobs and there was no option but to return their native villages due to sheer frustration. The frustration escalated while living in the villages due to non availability of right job. Though banks had different loan schemes available at cheaper rates but the ease of disbursement of such loans and the way they could be benifited were not publicised resulting in poor of take of such loans. Mukhias and Surpunches should take proactive roles in making them acquainted with the latest government schemes so as to benifit them.

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    Even though the banks are ready to provide the loans, the place to set up the business and support from other amenities may fall short to startup one. Moreover, the working professionals from abroad have returned to India, they are also in the same position. They may lead their life with the present savings but at a later stage, it is difficult. Those employees who are holding on to their jobs are working double in time and efforts are more too.
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