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    Share a memorable journey on Vande Bharat express

    Hello members, has anyone of you hitched a ride on the new Vande Bharat express. How's the experience. Was the service really worth the money they take. What improvements do you think should the Indian railway make in it's deluxe/express trains?
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    While we are living under Corona fear, you are talking about Vande Bharat Express to sheer. I have not moved out of my street for the last six months. What to post?
    Where is the VBE running now? From which city to which city? I haven't enjoyed the journey in that train prior to Corona.

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    I have never travelled by this train. I don't remember any train journey undertaken by me in 2020. I think only once I have gone to Nagpur in January 2020. After that no train journey and flight journey.
    The first Vanda Bharat train was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15 last year/ The first route is New Delhi to Varanasi and started running from February 17, 2019. I heard that it takes 8 hours to cover the distance between these two places. The coaches are having bigger windows and food is supplied by the railway and they are planning for additional routes. This is what I read and understand from the newspapers. I don't know whether these trains are operating as of now.

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    We were busy singing the Vande Mataram song last year for the independence day patriotic song competition in one of the schools, this year we lost that opportunity too. Now we have no idea when we will able to read all the expresses and travel all over India, but I have travelled a few places virtually. There are so many special trains connecting various villages, cities and states but yet we remain unnoticed as we are located in a particular place with a particular job. It better suits the marketing people, as they get an opportunity to travel around.
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