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    Why are dreams so important in our life

    Hello members, I was wondering why is dreaming so important in our life. We often dream unaided sometimes doing repeated tasks, or when things become too monotonous. Is this some sort of evolutionary escapism, that allows our mind to refresh. Just a curious question
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    As far as I am concerned, I never feel that dreaming is not a requirement. But some times we may get some dreams. Sometimes these dreams will not have any meaning. We don't know where it starts and where it ends. But some times dreams will be very helpful. We get a solution to our problems about which we are thinking. Even though we are sleeping our inner brain may be working on the problem and a flash of ides may come to the mind during the sleep and that may give some solution.
    Many people dream high and try to make their dreams real. Probably this is to say that we should have high expectations and we should try hard to achieve those expectations. Many times we will be thinking that we will be a gold medalist. We may dream that also. But unless otherwise, we put all-out efforts to win the gold medal we can't win it. SO dreaming alone is not the requirement but making them real is more important.

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    Dreams are really good for a person. Many dreams are forgotten as we rise along with the sun, some find it's the way in the form of write-ups and some just get washed away. Our dreams show us the paths to reach our goals in tits and bits. When we are able to recognise and put our efforts, I am sure we can reach them.
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    It is believed that during sleep, the brain works to sort all the information, it decides what to keep and what to forget. Some researchers believe that dreams play a role in this process. Everyone dreams, but some people do not remember the dreams seen at night, and they feel that they do not dream. Many times it happens that we get scared of dreams seen in the night and due to this, bad thoughts come in our mind. Many times in the dream, we see such an event which is related to our past, or see that which is going to happen in the future. Many times we keep thinking like in our life, just like we live in what atmosphere, we dream the same at the night. Dreams are not always incomplete, they are sometimes complete, sometimes dreams are fulfilled immediately, sometimes they give their effect after a short time.
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    Dreams are the sequence and happenings which we go through the acts of the day with intensity and the same feeling sets in even during the deep sleep and we tend to do the things differently than planned during the day. Dreams are always fascinating as there is no boundary for thoughts and it can be in state of mind, anywhere in the universe and yet all happening at the behest of our very thought. Elders used to say that when we dream big during the Brahma Muhurat timing ie the wee hours of the day, the thing would be really happening in our life. Many have visualized the things which are going to happen to them in future. But what I have seen that if a person has the liking for a thing or the person to achieve his goal and target would be to reach the destined place on thing in time and that itself speaks of everything happening as planned.
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