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    August 2020 Cash Payment Announcement

    We have announced the August 2020 Cash Payments for Editors and Members.

    To view the Cash Payment details, visit our Cash Credits page.

    Please follow the instructions to receive the payment, if your name has been announced for a payment in the cash credits' section.
  • #709087
    Thank you Timmy Sir for announcing the payments for last month and am thrilled to get a fairly good amount this month. Congratulations to all those who are eligible for the payment, which is a reflection of your hard work in contributing towards the development of this site. It is hoped that more and more members become eligible for payment as well in the future if the site's revenue picks up.
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  • #709092
    Thank you, webmaster, for your timely announcement of cash payments for the month of August 2020. I am thankful to ISC for its prompt payment every month for the eligible candidates without fail. I am also lucky to be in the list and I congratulate all the members who get cash announcements for the month of August 2020. I hope all will continue their good work and earn cash in the coming months also. I hope all the other members also will try to get cash in the coming months.
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  • #709095
    It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate to all the members for receiving the cash payments for the month of August 2020. Active members during this month won cash credits. I missed this month, hope to work on it in the upcoming months.
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  • #709098
    Hearty congrats to all my fellow ISCian who are receiving payment today from ISC . It is a pleasure to be at ISC and receive payments.
    Thank You WM Timmy M John. I already filled and uploaded my invoice for Rs. 600/-

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  • #709102
    As usual, Timmy Sir has promptly made the announcement of Cash Payments and my thanks to him. My congratulations to all the members whose names are there on the list and feeling happy to find my name there. Well done, members and I am sure more members will find their names on the list next time by making valuable contributions to various sections.

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  • #709118
    Hearty congrats to all the members who have been shortlisted in the payment announcement list and I have sent my filled in invoice just now. Thanks for the payment.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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  • #709122
    I am very happy to see that I am able to have payment for two consecutive months after a long time and it could be attributable to enhanced activity especially in contests during July and August months. I congratulate all other members also who were able to receive cash payments for the month of August 2020.
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    ISC is very punctual in making the monthly payments to its eligible members and we are seeing it happening every month. I thank ISC for providing me this opportunity to work in this platform and learn as well as earn in the process. I congratulate all the other members who have been benefited by a payment in this month. Let us all keep contributing in this site with full potential to be benefited mutually.
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  • #709129
    A timely happy announcement by Timmy Sir! I am happy to be on the list for payments and have uploaded the filled up invoice for further process. Such punctuality is not even found in many big companies. I am happy to be part of this virtual family that makes me share what I fell and also to earn a bit for me.

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  • #709155
    Congratulations to all the members who have received their cash payment for the month of August 2020. Thank you Timmy sir for the usual timely announcement. Hope to see more members in the upcoming months.

  • #709167
    Hearty congratulations to all the members who have received cash payment for the month of August. Glad that I could also make it to the list this time. Thank you Timmy sir, for the prompt announcement as usual.
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  • #709168
    Thank you Timmy Sir for announcing cash payment for August month. Congratulations to all the members who are receiving payment this month.

  • #709199
    Thank you ISC, Webmaster & admin for announcing the August 2020 Cash Payment on the first day of the month. It is also very encouraging to find my name in it and also like to congratulate the other members who could make it to the payment list. I would also encourage other members to contribute and participate in other contest, section or forum and keep on learning & earning and be able to find their name in the coming payment list. All the best.
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    Thanks, Timmy Sir. This time the payment process was real quick. I had uploaded my invoice on 1st and by 3rd itself the payment was deposited into my bank account. Even in this time of the pandemic, when things are hard for most, we are able to have such an efficient service. It speaks of the quality of the organisation that ISC is. We are very lucky to be part of it.
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