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    The principle of justice is the foundation for a prosperous state

    Principle of justice is the prominent factor for the peace and prosperity of a state. Justice gives rise to a welfare state with harmony and brotherhood. With equal opportunities for everyone, without any whims and shrewdness, justice brings stability in the state for sustainable development and an overall improvement in the nation. Injustice with the fellow citizens only gives rise to a conflict, distress and disharmony in the state. It overturns the entire status quo and brings discomfort, a twinge and despair. Justice delayed is justice denied. I would say justice denied is the murder of democracy if not delivered on time.
    Justice is such a sweet feeling that a person, immediately after receiving it, feels euphoric and elated. Justice is such a delicious fruit when delivered despite the pale of gloom changes into unending happiness. The principle of justice is hope for the hopeless people, it is a beam of light in the dark, it is a support to those who are feeling devastated! May justice prevail and all those are waiting for justice for years get it soon and shortly.
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    The democracy works with three great principles, the administration, judiciary and the executive. While the executive is elected and selected, the administration and judiciary would be watch dog of the ruling party. While the administration has to see its regular duties happening daily, it should also listen and implement what the executive says. Here comes the face off between the administration and the executive. So they normally approach the judiciary which has the constitution bench to deal with such cases. However judiciary has more power even to terminate the government and the administration which goes wrong. That is why people have high faith on the judicial system and in our country civil courts, district courts, high court and Supreme courts deal the cases as it comes to them and give the judgement amicably.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Yes. Justice to all without any disparities is always a way for prosperity. In India, Judiciary is above and is the watchdog for democracy in the country. So far this element is doing a good job. But unfortunately, the Judiciary can't see. It will hear only. So our wise Lawyers are having the talent of talking so nicely so that facts will also be manipulated. But fortunately, unlike in politics, there are many people who can see that an innocent will never get punished. They can see up to that only. Let us hope that the system will further improve and see that justice will be done to all irrespective of their level in society.
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    In the absence of justice, a civilized society cannot be imagined, the judicial system has an important role to play in order to keep the governing system of any country or state in a smooth manner, but if the system gets disturbed then many rights are violated. Many petitioners have to wait decades to get justice in some cases. It does not look good for our judicial system. Therefore, we have to use computer technology in a far more effective manner and take the challenge of case management seriously so that we can provide justice to the common people at an accelerated pace. Many times justice has also been seen as a defeat in front of democracy, but there are many such examples on the other side where justice has been given while thinking about the public. The Constitution has given appropriate provisions for the judicial system which increases its power, justice should be given to all by using these powers in a positive manner.
    Swati Sharma

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