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    "Competition", the most misunderstood word.

    When we hear the word competition, the first thing that comes to mind is that the thing we will be doing is going to be tough, as a lot of people will be aiming for the same thing. Be it a student or an employee in workplace, when we hear competition we are in a fix that now a lot of hard work will have to be done.

    Even exams are called competitive for the reason that a lot of people will take the same, so it will be tough.

    What I understand about competition is that it is the identification of our shortcomings in comparison to the other. If I compete with someone but still the person is better than me in his work or behaviour or any other work, then it means that it is my shortcoming in comparison to the other person and I need to work upon it become equally capable as the other person.

    If it is about exams then, it means that the exams expect us to be of a particular standard and not below that, so if we need to clear a exam then we do not need to compete with other person but infact raise our bar as per the requirement of exam.

    What members opine about the term "Competition"
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    Competition is always between mental abilities than the physical whether it is any field. You need to understand the key points to reach the target. It is how you tackle the situation at a given point of time satisfying the requirement of the other person or for which you are working on.
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    Well, when you are competing with somebody does it mean that you have to beat that person and go ahead? If somebody thinks in that line then it will create a lot of problems for the person who is thinking about it because it is going to affect her/him mentally. The thing is to do it in the best way you can. For example, when you are writing an exam you are writing your paper only and do not have any idea about what other examinees are writing. So, you need to explain the problems asked in such a way that the examiners find it worthy of giving you good marks. The competition is always about giving your best performance within the stipulated time. How well you did depends on how others did. If others do far better than you then you cannot win and vice-versa. When many are competing, your performance needs to be exceptional to become a winner. The challenge should not be the competition rather it should be to complete the task in your best possible way.

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    Competition is a necessity of life. If we do not compete, we can never be better, we have to move forward in life, to grow, to go from failures to successes, to become better than others. And most need healthy competition to lengthen and improve their own range. If we do not compete, then our life will become just like a lifeless puppet, which can be played as it wants, in which there are no life communications, no dreams and no joyous life. Therefore, competition is very important in human development of his intellect, development of his soul, development of life, otherwise he will be afraid of failure and isolation and indifference towards life.
    But competition must be healthy, negative competition is the door to destruction, it only develops jealousy, malice, hatred, indifference and insensitivity towards others, which leads to loss of both competitors and ends of healthy competition.

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    Nicely said by the author that the right meaning of competition is identifying our short comings when we compete with the like minded and same equation persons. If we are failing in the competition means , either we have taken the confidence as over confidence or we undermined the performance of others, In a class room there are good , average and poor performance students. But the exam is held for the all at the same time. Sometimes the poor and average student performed well even better than the good and best student. The reason may be over confidence of the good student or taking the learning into the heart and writing the exam with great guts by the average and poor student. One thing is sure, the competition can be sudden and even continuing. And those who surpassed in the competition need to take the route of sustained performance in future too.
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    Competition is a way to bring the best out of us. When we are sure that we can win the race, we will not put maximum efforts. If there is a doubt that somebody else may win the race, we will try a little more than what we can do and try to win. If we feel that the competition too much for our capacity, we may withdraw ourselves. That is why a healthy competition is good.
    But we should understand that when we compete even though we lose, it will be helpful to know our limitations and we can try to improve in those areas. That will make us a chance to compete again next time. The competition will be helpful always good irrespective of we are the winners or losers. The winning will not depend on your performance alone. It will be dependent on the other persons' performance also.

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    Well explained by Sankalan Bhattacharya. It is the actual action taken by a person with the stipulated time frame. Without competition, how we can find results. For example, so many countries have scientists. All are experts in space satellites ultimately one who reaches the target would have understood and learnt from the mistakes some by other competing scientists. We learn better when there are competitors. It can be any field for that matter.
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